Miracle Worker Flight Deck Carrier – Constitution-Class

Back in the 2250s, the Constitution-Class was built to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and to boldly go where no man has gone before. Of course, also our Klingon and Romulan friends wanted some attention from the Federation. But now we are in the 25th century, Klingons became our friends and other enemies knock on our doors. But is a 160-year-old starship still a threat or only a, admittedly somewhat expensive, nice old pleasure boat?

This little thing is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It comes with very strong beams and it can equip cannons. We want to give an idea of how to arm this ship for future battles. The KDF variant has the same stats and because Klingons are still a bit shy, it also comes with a Battle Cloak.


Let’s start with beams since this ship comes with...

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Traits Guide

A brief guide for people to view what personal, reputation and starship traits that are commonly used in the DPS League Builds. These are for builds designed specifically for energy weapons.

Personal Space Traits

 Fleet Tactician (Exchange or Infinity Lockbox – Tactical only!)

Tactical Fleet now improves your and your team’s ships manoeuvrability:

  • +125% flight speed
  • +125% turn rate
  • +100 immunity to slow

EPS Overload (Exchange or Infinity Lockbox – Engineers only!)

Using EPS Power Transfer your weapons gain an additional effect for 30 sec based on Which Power Level is highest at the time of activation:

  • If Weapons: 2% Crit Chance
  • If shield: -20% Weapon Power Cost
  • If engines: +20% Armour Penetration
  • If Auxiliary: +20% Crit Severity

Photonic Reinforcements (Exchange or Infinity Lockbox...

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Bug Bowl Winners!

Hello everyone,

here are our winners for the Bug Bowl. Congratulations everyone!

place #1:   @nak3dsnake
place #2:   @plvoy
place #3:   @killermarschmelo
place #4:   @TheKanni
place #5:   @qazokm1
place #6:   @messab
place #7:   @rensha1
place #8:   @melchior#8814
place #9:   @infinitespaces
place #10:   @potf
place #11:   @gamez1999999
place #12:   @peterconnorfirst
place #13:   @thrawnthechiss
place #14:   @wiglaf73
place #15:   @msniveau
place #16:   @admpellaeon
place #17:   @drake122svk
place #18:   @starbase2015
place #19:   @picard170192#5810
place #20:   @rangerrenze#6027
place #21:   @mimefield
place #22:   @tiberiusJP

The draw could be checked >>here<<.

Winners of our secondary goals:

Best Video:


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Bug Bowl Raffle Announcement

Hello everyone!

A total of 153 players participated and 115 people achived their goal. With that we unlocked 2 additional prizes. We hope everyone had fun during that event 🙂


  1. 1x Infinity T6 Ship of your choice
  2. 1x T6 ShipCoupon Gift Pack
  3. 1x Lobi T6 Ship of your choice
  4. 1x S31 Vanity Shield
  5. 10x Master Keys
  6. 1x Trait Pack including Adrenal Release, Hive Mind, Vicious, Terran Vision
  7. 1x Trait Pack including Adrenal Release, Hive Mind, Vicious, Terran Vision
  8. 1x Romulan Widebeam Plasma Rifle [dm/crtid] [crtd]x4
  9. 1x Romulan Widebeam Plasma Rifle [dm/crtid] [crtd]x4
  10. 1x Romulan Widebeam Plasma Rifle [dm/crtid] [crtd]x4
  11. 1x Materials for 10 Omega Tech Upgrades
  12. 1x Materials for 5 Omega Tech Upgrades
  13. 3x 250 Contraband
  14. 2x 250 Contraband
  15. 100x Superior Ground Tech Upgrades
  16. 100x Superior Science Te...
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STO League Team vs Arena of Sompek

Hello everyone,

we had a lot of fun recently with Arena of Sompek, and here is the video from this action.  🙂

The builds used could be found >here<.

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Risian Corvette T6

(Screenshot by @Seaofsorrows, Winner of our Screenshot Contest)

Hello everyone,

here are our suggestions for the 2019 Summer Event ship, the Risian Corvette!

The ships could used for any faction and profession.

Feel free to comment below or ask us directly via discord, teamspeak or ingame.

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Winner of our Risian Corvette Screenshot Contest

Hello everyone,

with only one vote infront, we finaly decided for one screenshot. We have to admit that it was a really tough decision again.
But finaly, here is our winner:






 Second Place:



Congratulations to the Winner and thanks everyone for participating. Hope everyone had a lot of fun 🙂

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Event – Bug Bowl

Hello everyone!
It’s time to smash some bugs! And here is your chance!
We proudly present to you the:

Bug Bowl

The “Bug Bowl” is a challenge with a raffle at the end.
The prizes have a current value of more than 1 billion Energy Credits! This include our secondary goals too! This contest is for the PC-Version from STO only.

Conditions of participation:

  1.  Please leave your ingame @ handle here as a comment or enter it in this thread (german version). If your character is called [email protected]#1234 (or @johndoe), leave @Doe#1234 (or @johndoe) as a comment or write it in the forum thread. Please write your @handle with the correct lower and upper case. This would make it easier for us to copy the name!
  2. You need to parse a Bug Hunt Elite (BHE) with the CombatLogReader (CLR) and upload the p...
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Regarding upload of Modified Logfiles

Dear players of the league,
in the light of recent events, we would like to remind everybody that only complete parses of ISA or any other TFO are eligible for uploads. A run is considered complete when the “Operation Complete” Text shows (in HSE the video). As we have done before we will therefore monitor uploaded parses of sufficiently high DPS even more closely. A video recording, as well as multiple logs of the same run, may help us resolve whether a run is valid or not in case there is any problem.
We have taken this formality for granted in the past but now see the need to include it in item 3. of our channel rules. With CLR now automatically cutting off relevant DoTs, heals, etc. further editing is never necessary...
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Screenshot Contest Risian Corvette

Hello everyone!

We are proud to host our next Screenshot Contest! This time, it features the free ship from this years summer event .

The theme for this contest:

Risian Corvette

Any Version of the Risian Corvette (T5/T6/Pilot T6) has to be on the screenshot. The rest is up to you!

Conditions of participation:

  • To participate you need to send in the screenshot link here or in the STO-Forum and we need your @handle. If your character is called [email protected], add @Doe to the comment with your entry here or at the forum.
  • Only one screenshot per person is allowed.
  • The use of photoshop or other similar programs to enhance the picture is allowed and highly appreciated.
  • Not allowed are 3d rendering programms, it still has to be a ingame screenshot!

Deadline to participate and send in a screenshot ...

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