Torpedo Boats in the current Century




Torpedo Boats in the current century 

 by RangerRenze

So the website has a number of guides already, but until now there hasn’t been a guide for torpedoes, while they have grown to be really popular, and as I already had a guide written on reddit I thought I would adapt it so the website also has a torpedo guide.


Captain Class and Faction

To start, any class can work, any class can be worked around, but for torpedoes I’ll just have to start by saying that Engineers just struggle a lot because of all your captain abilities, only 1 directly impacts torpedo damage. Science works, will be fine but Tacs will simply be the best. Nowadays with all the cross-faction stuff factions don’t matter, where before Feds could get Ceaseless for cheap and Romulans got cheap DPRM, meaning fed-Roms were by far the cheapest for torps this no longer applies. Romulans meanwhile still keep their advantage due to SRO boffs.




For the skilltree, this is a generalist skilltree and will do fine with almost any build, as torpedo builds don’t require any kind of specialization from the skilltree. 

Then for the picks we first take 27 points in Tactical for Focused Frenzy, with all 3 unlocks, only leaving Defense, because it gives us no benefit, most of the skills themselves are already worth picking on their own.

Then for the other Lieutenant skills we pick the 3 points in hull capacity for Tylers Duality, and 1 point in shield restoration for RSP, this last point is completely optional and you can move it where you like.

then for Lt. Commander we first take Impulse Expertise, as speed is DPS, then the full ControlX mini-tree,Lastly Drain Expertise and Infection and 2 points in EPS, these 4 aren’t truly needed, but for most builds you’ll probably end up with these.

For Commander only the tactical stuff

For Captain both full EPG and Long Range targeting sensors for any energy weapons and EPG things we might use. 

and in Admiral again all the tactical stuff.

unlocks: Battery Expertise, Shield Capacity, Threat Control, CrtH and Accuracy. 

Example Skilltree:



For specs there is a bit of freedom. Intel Primary is simple for the weapon flanking, Intel team and some other assorted useful stuff. Then you can go either secondary Temp Ops for some DoT stuff, EPG for SSW, and some debuff or Strategist for CrtH, CrtD and the clicky.



Compared to EPG or DEW, which have clear best ships, there is some fair discussion about which ship is the best, but there is also a lot of flexibility, some people get good results with ships that I think aren’t as good, there isn’t a black and white best ship.. So for the ships I think are worth mentioning, the obvious one is the Tzen-Tar, full MW spec for Mixed Armements Synergy 3, extra console, amazing boff layout, double hangar. Then the second ship is the Voyager-J or Janeway, This ship has a very good boff layout, and while it’s layout doesn’t lend itself for any extra mines, it is a Science ship with a secondary deflector and the room to make use for this, and then the Courage which is currently used in a number of the high end runs. Then the T’liss and Temer with their enhanced Battlecloak and Assault Formation Theta. But in general any ship that has a LTC Command for Concentrate Firepower will make a very good torpedo boat. 


Starship Mastery Traits

Let’s start with the 3 main traits, which are vital for torpboats

  •         Ceaseless Momentum for the reload but primarily the cat2 torpedo damage. (exchange or Na’Qjej Intel battlecruiser, lockbox)
  •         Entwined Tactical Matrices for the extra spreads which are super potent when combined with the Neutronic torpedo, (Miracle Worker battlecruisers, c-store)
  •         Subspatial Warheads for the Isolytic Teras that are spawned on HY hits, especially in ISE these are very powerful, doing up to 100-200k on their own, mid priced, (Son’a Intel Battlecruiser, lobi/exchange)


Then if you are running a ship with an Enhanced Battlecloack (Like the Legendary T’liss or Temer raider), the following 2 traits are must have if you have access to them:

  •         Assault Formation Theta: Gives a HY3 and a ton of CrtD on using Attack Pattern Omega or decloaking, can only be run on those ships because you can constantly cloak because of the enhanced battle cloak. (Legendary T’liss)
  •         She’s a Predator: Combined 3 Reman doffs with Superior, normal and basic Infiltrator and the Maquis Tactics your Theta cycle also around 90% Cat2 extra damage, if you are a Reman use the personal infiltrator trait, only works if you are Romulan, because non Romulans don’t have access to the Infiltrator doffs. (Legendary Scimitar).


For your remaining traits

  •         Rapid Emitting Armements: On using Tractor Beam: 15% cat2 torpedo damage, and spawns 3 very hard hitting torpedoes (that as an extra proc SSW) (Legendary D’Deridex)
  •         Terran Goodbye: Very simple, 15% CrtH and a bit extra CrtH via Acc overflow. Mirror Warship (Lockbox).
  •         The Ruin of our Enemies: Ton of cat2, and CDR which helps clean up some cycles. (exchange or the D7 miracle worker flight deck cruiser, Promo)
  •         Reverberation: Basically just kills shields for you, which is amazing, only use it in HSE. (Amaurie Escort Promo or Mudds bundle)
  •         Strike from the Shadows: CrtH and cat2, cheaper c-store trait (faction relevant Disco pilot raider).
  •         Kick them while they are Down. 25% CrtH, but harder to proc. Best combination is Viral Impulse Burst and Scramble Sensors, to fully use you need a ship with at least an ensign Intel seat. Son’a Command Science Vessel (Lockbox)
  •         Universal Designs. To use this properly you need the Immolating Phaser Lance console (Deimos, lockbox), up to 10% CrtH and 50% CrtD. (Discovery Refit, lockbox).
  •         Promise of Ferocity: 20% cat2 all weapon damage: (Thozyn/Vandros/Xechas, c-store ships)
  •         Onboard Dilithium Recrystelizer: per non maxed (100 power) non-weapons subsystem 10% cat2 on using engineering abilities, can get both engines and aux above 100, and has full        uptime on EPTE, so works out to 20% cat2
  •         (Improved) Critical Systems: 3% CrtH and 15% CrtD, do need 2 eptx abilities to get full uptime. (Temporal Recruitment)
  •         (Improved) Unconventional Tactics: 20% cat2 with decent uptime (Strategist spec)


Personal Traits


Simply personal traits, ranked from best to worst roughly, just pick based on budget/what you have


  •         A good day to die (tac only)
  •         Fleet Coordinator (innate)
  •         Inspirational Leader (exchange)
  •         Intelligence Attache (exchange)
  •         Kinetic Precision (lvl 15 torpedo R&D)
  •         Self-Modulating Fire (exchange)
  •         Terran Targeting Systems (exchange)
  •         Unconventional Systems (if you are running a few important consoles + room for triggers)(exchange)
  •         Anchored (innate)
  •         Resonating Payload Modifications (only if you are running mines)(exchange)
  •         (Superior) Projectile Training (Innate, fleet K-13 for superior version)
  •         Adaptive Offense (exchange)
  •         Context is for kings (exchange)
  •         The Boimler Effect (Lobi or exchange) (Trait will be good as long as the percentage stays as is, currently broken)
  •         Infiltrator and Maquis Tactics (Musts for if you are running She’s a Predator)(Innate, Reman only and Lockbox)


Space Reputation Traits


No real contention about which 5 to run.


Omega Kinetic Shearing (Borg T2)

Torpedo Pre-Fire Sequence (Terran t2)

Tyler’s Duality (Disco t4)

Advanced Targeting Systems (Dyson t2)

Precision (Romulan t2) 



One CrtH Projectile Weapons Officer

One CrtD Projectile Weapons Officer

The cat2 Torpedo damage Projectile Weapons Officer doff (Sartis Krett for Fed, Kelti Aruu for KDF). 

27 of 47, for the CrtD (expensive)

and lastly 38 of 47 for the Concentrate Firepower CDR

Then the Emergency Conn Hologram (Phoenix), 

Then for aux2bat 3 Technicians, to make room drop 38, and 2 off the PWO’s/27 is very expensive but just very good. You can always just run some other filler doffs

Ship Gear


To start with the 4 main torpedoes, these 3 really stand miles ahead of the rest:

Enhanced Bio-Molecular: Best torpedo in the game, it’s unstoppable under HY, meh under TS, probably heard about it. (undine rep)

Delphic Distortion Torpedo: Really good under both spread and especially HY, and has a really good debuff, all-round monster. (Lobi)

Neutronic Torpedo: your primary spread torpedo, it’s amazing with Spread, and don’t underestimate it under HY, Still very powerful. (Delta rep)

Dark Matter Quantum Torpedo: It’s a good quantum, but not close to the other 3, but it’s really there for the 2 piece that’s amazing. (Disco rep)

Then for the support weapons:

the Morphogenic Torpedo (don’t fire it) and omni, together with the console this makes one of the best 3 pieces in the entire game. (from the mission Home)

Another option is the Dual Overcharged Delphic Beam Bank for the 2 piece with the torpedo (Lobi).

And then there are the mines, even if the DPS might be there, I wouldn’t recommend running more than 1 mine due to the lag, and entity overflow they cause, this is what causes the enemies disappearing. The best mines are, in order, Thoron infused Quantum (Delta rep store), Tetryon Mine, Black Ops Mines, Bio-Molecular Photon and then a Crafted or Fleet Quantum. There also are use cases for both the Competitive Mine, for a full Quantum Build or the Nukara Web Mine to help proc the Tholian Web Array.



Deflector: Elite Fleet Intervention Protomatter Deflector Array MK XV [Colcrit][EPG][EPS][CtrlX][CtrlX/EPG]: Best deflector, for the crits and assorted stats.


Engines: Prevailing Innervated Impulse Engines mk XV: Best engines, SPEEEEEEEED. (Competitive rep)


Mycelial Harmonic Matter-Antimatter Warpcore mk XV: for the 2p


Tilly’s Review-Pending Modified Shield mk XV: the shield damage is nice, 2p adds a lot of survivability that helps with any rogue fire.



  •         Deuterium Surplus: for the speed
  •         Kinetic Amplifier: cat2 damage
  •         Auxiliary Battery Large: For if you are running Phased Membrane
  •         Kobyashi Maru Transponder: buffs
  •         Jevonite Hardpoints: more HP, can activate it and replace it with another device
  •         If you are running any distress call, use the Hur’q/Phased-Waveform beacon as it’s the only one without torpedoes so it won’t steal CF procs.



Tactical consoles are easy, Lorca’s Custom Fire-Controls, Morphogenic Console to finish the 3 piece. Then the rest with Locators. 


Then for the other consoles. 

  •         Dynamic Power Redistribution Module (DPRM) should explain itself
  •         Ferrofluid Hydraulic Assembly (Terran rep) for the shared torpedo CD. 
  •         Bioneural Infusion Circuits for the CrtD (Lobi), 
  •         Temporal Disentanglement Suite, crit console, scales off aux so doesn’t work on aux2bat builds, and you need to have aux power maxed (should have anyways), as a side note the CrtH does not scale with mk level or rarity (Butterfly)
  •         Phased-Space Membrane, For the incredibly strong clicky, use an aux battery to extend this (Grissom Science Vessel)
  •         Swarmer Matrix, 25% cat1 torpedo damage, and the buffs to pets and destructible torpedoes (Crucially, EBM still counts as a destructible torpedo)(Exchange)
  •         Point Defense Bombardement Warhead, 25% cat1 torpedo damage and 1% CrtH, with a decent clicky.((Legendary) NX, or exchange box)
  •         Ordnance Accelerator, Torpedo and Mine damage, good if you are running more then 1 mine.(Gamma rep)
  •         Immolating Phaser Lance, for proccing Universal Designs (Deimos, Lockbox)
  •         Tholian Webspinner Array, Strong clicky and the big semi-passive cat2 bonus (Previous event, possibly/probably Muds soon) Currently bugged, the cat2 damage is only working with exotic damage, otherwise a top console, will update this guide when this is fixed.


Bridge Officers

Then for boffs it’s the standard Superior Operatives > Kentari > Jem’Hadar Vanguard > Hierarchy > Nausicaan.

So 5 SRO’s for Romulans

And then SRO’s in all the tactical slots, a Science and Engineering Jem’Hadar Vanguard and then a Kentari in the remaining slot for KDF and Fed

  Tzen-Tar Boffs

Then for the actual skills, let’s start with Engineering, the only must skill is Emergency Power to Engines, then for filler slots Let it Go and Structural Integrity Collapse, if needed you can use aux2bat.

Then for Tactical first the highest possible rank of High Yield, then Fire at Will and Scatter Volley 1. Then of course Kemocite, and if applicable Mine Dispersal Pattern Beta, if you are using Assault Pattern Theta run Attack Pattern Omega, as for fillers, attack pattern beta, distributed targeting and focussed assault. 

Science is where we get the most abilities from, as they offer the best value. To start we have Photonic Officer which will provide the majority of our CDR. then some options to run are first damage abilities, these will deal straight damage, Delayed Overload Cascade, Very cold in Space and Destabilizing Resonance Beam. As usual Gravity Well is good for the control, and then we have the Unconventional Systems procs. Tractor Beam, Jam Sensors and Scramble Sensors. For spec seating the important thing is of course Concentrate Firepower 3, and CF3 really is a must, like CSV for cannons. Some other skills worth mentioning are Call Emergency Artillery, Mixed Armements Synergy and Recursive Shearing apart from any fillers.

Standard Cruiser boffs

Example of an aux2bat setup on your classical cruiser.

Malow Boffs

Photonic Officer layout on a more engineering heavy ship



For my tray I have row1 as all the abilities I manually activate, this includes manually firing torpedoes, Evasive and Deuterium, and some things like DPRM.

Then the 2nd row (row 4 because I prefer shift + numbers) is secondary stuff like CF, GW, batteries. This row is also bound to V for me. 3d row (row 2) is for any other random other stuff. Then row 8 are all my major buffs, bound to G, basically end up spamming these in ISE. Then row 9 and 10 are my spambars. 

For manual fire guidance, High Yields on EBM or Delphic depending on multi target or single target respectively, then Neutronic as a 3d and DMQ as the 4th, for spreads it’s Neutronic > Delphic > DMQ > EBM


Example Builds:



Temer Raider:


And for a more mine heavy build



If you want some more info: check out my other torpedo guide and build on stobuilds: 



My Tzen-Tar build: 



If you have any more questions feel free to join the DPS-League discord, select the torpedo role and there likely will be some knowledgeable people around to help.


To end it off I just want to say thanks for taking your time to read this, hope it helps and I appreciate any feedback. Big thanks to everyone that helped proofread and improve the guide, especially Chell and Bus (and helped me get motivated actually finishing this guide). and of course a massive thanks to the DPS-league admins allowing me to post this on the website.



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  • Hellspawny  says:

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Space Shrimp  says:

    This will be useful for helping peeps get into torps, however I would no longer call the TzenTar the obvious choice

  • Aristo  says:

    May I ask why the Thoron-Infused Mines are used, I don’t see why they are used the build

    • Space Shrimp  says:

      They’re very powahful, do good damage

      • Aristo  says:

        Okay, and is it worth getting Radius X2 on Bio photon mines?

        • RangerRenze  says:

          Depends, they are also very good. Would probably end up running them on a 4/4 build with 4 mines

  • Jeff  says:

    Fyi a ship does not have to have a cloak in order for She’s A Predator to work if you’re a Romulan capatian.

    Quick question, you said that there isn’t a single best Torp ship, but why is it that the Courage and Section 31 Battlecruiser (not on the list :P) own all the top 5 records?

    • RangerRenze  says:

      Yeah you can technically use it without a cloak, but it is only worth really using with the enhanced battle cloak and in turn with Assault Formation Theta
      the Courage is mentioned ^^

  • laurencecopna  says:

    What if I don’t have 2 of the mastery traits? Can I proceed without them?

  • laurencecopna  says:

    Are the doffs supposed to be rare or can they be any rarity?

  • CrazyOldCoot  says:

    Anchored under personal trait is not innate, exchange or lockbox.

  • Klaus  says:

    I’m wondering, why the D.O.M.I.N.O. console ist not mentioned here.

    The +100 % recharge for Torpedos sounds prette usefull. Or there are some drawbacks?

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