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Beam Ships in the Current Century

Hi everyone,

today we would like to discuss beam ships and how to build them. This guide should show you the general way of building it for different ships and layouts and what is important. We hope it would help you to identify the best choice for yourself 🙂


Unlocks: all CrtH, Battery Expertise, Max Hull, Threat Control and full Focused Frenzy.



  • Tac Slots: Rare Male Tacticals with Superior Romulan Operative (Fleet Embassy – Recruitment Tier 2, required)
  • Eng Slots: Jem’hadar Vanguard (Big Vanguard Pack) or Nausicaan (Diplomatic Commendation Rank 4 or Exchange for KDF) and Kentari (Fleet Colony -Tier 5 Morale, if you have 2 Eng slots)
  • Sci Slots: Jem’hadar Vanguard (Big vanguard pack) or Hierarchy Boff (Episode “Alliances”) and Kentari (Fleet Colony, if y...
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Cannon Ships in the current Century

Hi everyone,

today we would like to discuss cannon ships and how to build them in a more generalized approach. We hope this could help you to choose the gear for your ship 🙂
This guide could be used for any ship, for cannons ships with more front weapons are usualy better, like 5 front / 3 aft weapons or 5 front /2 aft /1 experimental weapon layouts, but it will work with 5/1/1, 4/3/1, 4/3, 4/2/1, 4/2 and even 4/4 layouts too.


Unlocks: all CrtH, Battery Expertise, Max Hull, Threat Control and full Focused Frenzy.



  • Tac Slots: Rare Male Tacticals with Superior Romulan Operativ (Fleet Embassy, required)
  • Eng Slots: Jem’hadar Vanguard (big Vanguard Pack) or Nausicaan (Diplomatic Commendation Rank 4 or Exchange for KDF) and Kentari (Fleet Colony, if you have...
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A brief guide to getting the most out of Hanger Pets

(Screenshot by @pottsey)

Hanger pets are often overlooked being seen as a bonus launch and forget secondary or even tertiary damage source. On some ships and with the right combinations hanger pets can add a reasonable amount to your overall DPS. Pushed far enough it is possible to get over 100k DPS from pets alone, although that could be argued to be suboptimal as you will be sacrificing other better areas which overall would give you more DPS.

To get the most out of pets one of the first choices is the skill tree. There isn’t much to talk about here you will want

  • Coordination Protocols: +20% Hull Capacity and Shield Capacity for Hangar pets.
  • Defensive Coordination: +20% Defence and Damage Resistance Rating for Hangar pets.
  • Offensive Coordination: +20% Accuracy and Base Damage for Hang...
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Traits Guide

A brief guide for people to view what personal, reputation and starship traits that are commonly used in the DPS League Builds. These are for builds designed specifically for energy weapons.

Personal Space Traits

 Fleet Tactician (Exchange or Infinity Lockbox – Tactical only!)

Tactical Fleet now improves your and your team’s ships manoeuvrability:

  • +125% flight speed
  • +125% turn rate
  • +100 immunity to slow

EPS Overload (Exchange or Infinity Lockbox – Engineers only!)

Using EPS Power Transfer your weapons gain an additional effect for 30 sec based on Which Power Level is highest at the time of activation:

  • If Weapons: 2% Crit Chance
  • If shield: -20% Weapon Power Cost
  • If engines: +20% Armour Penetration
  • If Auxiliary: +20% Crit Severity

Photonic Reinforcements (Exchange or Infinity Lockbox...

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Comparing [Dmg] and [CrtD]

Hello everyone!

In this post, we discuss whether [Dmg] or [CrtD] is the better weapon modifier for DPS runs. Besides answering this question for high end ISA runs, we also explain which parameter affect the performance of both modifier and under which conditions one is better than the other. [Dmg] outperforms [CrtD] for short high end ISA runs. We also recommend it, as it might be the more future-proof option considering future powercreep.


First, we want to show which parameters affect the [Dmg] and [CrtD] modifier and then explain which conditions have to be true that one modifier is better than the other. The following calculation applies to both ground and space combat.
For that, we take a look how the damage is calculated:

TotalDamage = (1+BaseDamage)*(1+BonusDamage)*FinalMu...
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How to build a Support ship

This guide wants to give you an idea how to build a Supporter for space PvE.

A supporter has many jobs to do. Debuff and Heal are the main tasks. A special build is required for this role. This guide will give you some ideas and examples for a support build.
Note: If you click on most icons, a new tab on the website will open.


The most popular support ships are the Tholian Jorogumo Carrier T6,  Tholian Recluse Carrier [T5_U] , the Styx Terran Dreadnought Cruiser and the Tholian Tarantula Dreadnought Carrier [T6]. These ships have a good layout and hangar slots for Tholian Mesh Weavers or Terran Empire Frigates.


This is an example skilltree for a Supporter. 

Personal Traits

This is a list of recommended Personal traits...

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Binary Circuit Breakdown by Dangp1

Hello everyone,

today we got a small introduction into the Binary Circuit Queue. It’s written by @dangp1 and we would like to thank him for writing it!
And here is the guide for you, enjoy:

With the personal endeavor system having a “complete competetive queues” objective and the fastest one being binary circus. Yes it should be circuits but some have taken to calling it circus due to it being full of clowns. It was suggested a rough guide be written so here goes.

How to improve at BCx.

First of all binary circus is not like most TFO’s in that it isn’t a mindless spacebar mashing map, a different aproach is required. TEAMWORK and SPEED is more important.

BCx is a RACE between two groups of 5, the map can be broken down into six sections, thee sections are puzzle sections, three are shooty...

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Personal Endeavors and ways to finish them

Hello everyone,

here is a growing list of possible Personal Endeavors for the new System and tipps on how to finish them. It would be appreciated if you could help us completing the list by posting Endeavors not listed so far or better ways to finish them below!

You could open the Endeavor Progression Window even after finishing the actual Endeavors by pressing the tiny arrow at the bottom right from your minimap.

Space Endeavors Deal Damage:

  • Deal Antiproton Damage  => Slot Antiproton Weapons, use Pets with Antiproton Damage (Swarmer,..)
  • Deal Disruptor Damage => Use Disruptor Weapons, Pet  (To’Duj, Stinger Fighter), use Fleet Support if you’re a KDF
  • Deal Kinetic Damage => Shoot something with torpedos, Gravity Well and other Sci abilities and/or use your Fleet Support or Pets 😉
  • Deal ...
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ISA Pilot’s Manual

Hello everyone!

This is a generic guide written for the DPS League designed to help people understand the positioning and skill activation sequence for a standard left to right ISA.

Positioning and skill sequence is probably one of the more complex requirements that can greatly influence the DPS outcome. The other major factor would be team composition.

Starting position from an organised run has a countdown started by the host, public runs just start the moment you get in. A 1 second full impulse burst is required to get you into range to shoot the first central group.

(graphic by @reptilecynrik)

Starting Group:

  • A Normal Attack consists of Activating Emergency Power to Weapons, Kemocite, Attack Pattern Beta, Scatter Voller or Fire at Will, then shoot
    • optional to use Tac Team to clear b...
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HSE Pilot’s Manual

Hey folks, Peter here.

With the increasing interest to use HSE to put DPS potential and general team play skills to the test we decided to publish a quick guide as to how this map feels to be approached best. It can be separated in two stages.

(graphic by @reptilecynrik)

Stage One

The team warps in facing the Hive from the highly useful flanking position so the general side from where to attack is already made clear (Start). The start timer should be used to launch hangar pets, manage +/- threat stance and select cruiser commands. A good way to engage the Hive would be to get into 11-12 km range, come to a hold to refresh power levels, give a “go in 3” command, sync/buff up all abilities and start to fire as a team...

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