Personal Endeavors and ways to finish them

Hello everyone,

here is a growing list of possible Personal Endeavors for the new System and tips on how to finish them. It would be appreciated if you could help us complete the list by posting Endeavors not listed so far or better ways to finish them below!

You could open the Endeavor Progression Window even after finishing the actual Endeavors by pressing the tiny arrow at the bottom right from your minimap.

Space Endeavors Deal Damage:

  • Deal Antiproton Damage  => Slot Antiproton Weapons, use Pets with Antiproton Damage (Swarmer,..)
  • Deal Disruptor Damage => Use Disruptor Weapons, Pet  (To’Duj, Stinger Fighter), use Fleet Support if you’re a KDF
  • Deal Kinetic Damage => Shoot something with torpedos, Gravity Well, and other Sci abilities and/or use your Fleet Support or Pets 😉
  • Deal Phaser Damage  => Slot Phaser Weapons (Prolonged Weapon as an example), use Pets with Phaser Damage (Perigrine Fighters), use Fleet Support if you’re a Fed
  • Deal Physical Damage => Destabilized Resonance Beam (Episode Reward), Temporal Boff Abilities,
  • Deal Plasma Damage  => Use Plasma Weapons, Pets (Scorpion Fighters), use Fleet Support if you’re a Rom
  • Deal Polaron Damage => Slot a few Polaron Weapons, Vanguard Wingmen, use Fleet Support if you’re a Jem’hadar
  • Deal Tetryon Damage => Nukara T5/T6 Active Ability, Slot a few Tetryon Weapons, use Pets with Tetryon Damage (Tholian Mesh Weaver, Tholian Widdow Fighter)

Space Endeavor Destroy Targets:

  • Destroy Targetable Torpedos => Open a PvP match with a friend and let him shoot targetable torpedos like the Hyper-Plasma Torpedo from Romulan Rep at you. Other Possibilities: Carraya System, Undine Assault Planetkiller at the end, and Crystalline Catastrophe. The Point Defense Console could be very helpful for this Endeavor.
  • Destroy Terran Empire Ships => Badlands Battlezone, Counterpoint
  • Destroy Terran Empire Ships in Battlezone => Badlands Battlezone (Cardassia Sector, left  from DS9)
  • Destroy Voth Ships  => Patrol “Aftermath”, also Dyson Space Battlezone (after the Planetkiller phase), also in the second Zone in the Solanae Dyson Zone (beam to ground BZ and up again)
  • Destroy Tzenkethi Ships => Tzenkethi Battlezone, Gravity Kills, Episodes
  • Destroy Tzenkethi Ship in Gon’Cra Battlezone => Tzenkethi Battlezone, Gon’Cra Sector (Alpha Quadrant top left corner)
  • Destroy Undine Ships => Dyson Undine Space Battlezone or Undine Assault or Episode Surface Tension
  • Destroy Undine Ships in the Dyson Battlezone => Dyson Undine Space Battlezone
  • Destroy Hur’q Frigates => Episode “Home”
  • Destroy Borg Ships => Infected Space Advanced 🙂
  • Destroy Herald Ships => Episode “Midnight”
  • Destroy Dreadnaughts => Hive Space, Draanur Gauntlet,  3 Planet Killers in the Voth Zone (Undine Battlezone)
  • Destroy Tholians => Crystalline Entity TFO, Archer System Patrol (Narendra Sector)

Space Endeavor Healing:

  • Hull Healing => Consoles like Regenerative Integrity Field, Reiterative Structural Capacitor, Hazard Emitter, Engineering Team, Aux2Sif
  • Shield Healing => Biomolecular Shield Bubble, Science Team, Transfer Shield Strength

Ground Endeavors Deal Damage:

  • Deal Antiproton Damage  => Omega Carabine, Antiproton Split Beam Rifle, Herald Projector, Antiproton Full Auto Rifle
  • Deal Disruptor Damage  => Boolean Cannon, Disruptor Full Auto Rifle, Disruptor Split Beam Rifle
  • Deal Kinetic Damage  => Grenades, Tr-116b, Graviton Spike, Protomatter Deployment, Mines, Mortars to name a few abilities
  • Deal Phaser Damage  => Phaser Split Beam Rifle, Phaser Full Auto Rifle
  • Deal Physical Damage => Use a Meele Weapon, Harmonic Resonance Device, Temporal Abilities, Zefram Cochranes Shotgun
  • Deal Plasma Damage => Romulan Wide Arc Rifle, Plasma Full Auto Rifle, Plasma Split Beam Rifle
  • Deal Polaron Damage => Polaron Bombardement Module, a Polaron Weapon like the Jem’Hadar Rifle,..
  • Deal Tetryon Damage  => Tetryon Split Beam Rifle, Tetryon Full Auto Rifle

Ground Endeavor Defeat Enemies:

  • Defeat Hur’q Attendants => Episode “Home”
  • Defeat Gorn on Nimbus => Visit the Gorn Canyon
  • Defeat Terran Empire => Assault on Terok Nor, Future Proof Arc
  • Defeat Captains => Hive Ground Advanced/Elite, Dyson Ground Battlezone, Nimbus Miniboss, Defera Ground, Episode “Home”
  • Defeat Elachi Captain => Mycelial Realm TFO
  • Defeat Tholians  => Nukara Adventure Zone, Nukara Transdimensional Tactics, Nukara Self Destructive Tendencies
  • Defeat Tholians (Ground Adventure Zone) => Nukara Adventure Zone, Boreth Sector (below from Drozana Station)
  • Defeat Borg  => Borg Ground TFOs, Defera Adventure Zone
  • Defeat Dewan Arthropods => Nimbus 3, the scorpions
  • Defeat Voth => Dyson Ground Battlezone
  • Defeat Voth in Battlezone => Dyson Ground Battlezone, Part of Solanae Dyson Sphere
  • Defeat Tzenkethi => Episode “Of Signs and Portents” or “Brushfire”, New Frontiers Arc
  • Defeat Vaadwaur => Kobali Prime
  • Defeat Gorn on Nimbus 3 => Nimbus 3, the Gorn Canyon (if you walk out of the city, on the right side)

Ground Endeavor Healing:

  • Hull Healing => Rally Cry,  Medical Generator, Medical Tricorder to name a few abilities, Large Hypo. Could be done by jumping down on ESD and heal yourself.
  • Shield Healing => Shield Generator, Shield Recharge, Large Shield Charge

Complete TFO Endeavors:

  • Complete Competitive Wargames TFOs => Binary Circuit Elite
  • Complete Lukari TFOs  => Dranuur Gauntlet Normal
  • Complete Borg TFOs => ISA FTW! 😉
  • Complete Iconian TFOs => Brotherhood of the Sword

Other Endeavors:

  • Gain Salvage => Buy Mk IX Ground Gear from NPC Vendor (ESD as an example). 4k EC per Item
  • Harvest Materials (Ground) =>Diplomatic Order (Fed Side could yield 6 harvest nodes), Sphere of Influence (warp in, harvest, warp out and repeat)
  • Harvest Materials (Space) => Tau Dewa Patrols (examples: Carraya, Beta Thoridor, Archer System, Starbase 234 (3 mats). warp in, harvest, warp out and repeat. Don’t engage the enemies.)
  • Win Gold Pressed Latinum => Play Dabo at Drozana or DS9

89 comments to Personal Endeavors and ways to finish them

  • CptBambam  says:

    i dont think you have this one a very hard one i should have skipped.

    • felisean  says:

      That is correct, thanks CptBambam 🙂
      I would suggest doing that one in HSA/HSE and/or Dranuur Gauntlet, since all the Tactical Cubes in HSA/HSE should count as Dreads and during the last Stage in Dranuur Gauntlet you have an theoretically unlimited amount of Dreadnaughts to kill till the time run out 🙂

  • borgdp010  says:

    Harvest Materials (Space):
    I’d go with fluid dynamics from the borg advance arc. two harvest nodes just after entering the mission and repeatable 🙂

    • felisean  says:

      yea i guess there are some positions to do those. but more ideas for good spots to harvest the ground materials would be great 🙂

      • borgdp010  says:

        Sphere of influence from dyson arc. there is a harvest node right on when you begin the mission. a few map changes with beam in/out and you are done.

        • felisean  says:

          Good Idea, added 🙂

          • borgdp010  says:

            sphere of influence is ground harvest 😉 fluid dynamics is space. note the free mission transwarp to the locations.

          • @maddscott  says:

            Japori Sector Patrol has 3 harvest nodes available.. You can skirt around the combat area and harvest them all without having to engage any enemies.. But, pew-pew is an option..

    • parklin  says:

      Actually, for feds there is always the good old option of Episodes –> Klingon War –> Stranded in space… Two harvest nodes in space, right on warp-in +10km, then after a rediculously hard fight with 4 orion corvettes.. a ground mission with 2 ground nodes, both parts repeatable by warping/beaming out and in again.

    • DesertFlyer  says:

      A good place for space node harvest is Deferi Outpost 3, just northwest of Defera in the Defera Sector of Alpha Quadrant. There is no mission involvement and generally no combat (just a few fighters wandering around and the very occassional Capital Ship that spawns for the accolade Breen Capital Punishment) – just go there and harvest. There is either a standard warp to Defera or a free-warp via the mission “Cold Case” in the “Available” tab of the missions window(J).
      There are 2 nodes available. The first is above and slightly right of the entry location. The second is northeast from there on the other side of the station near the lower asteroid. The outpost also has a vendor for selling off inventory junk.

  • peterconnorfirst  says:

    Oh thank you very much for making this list Feli. It will come very handy the next two years. 🙂

    Some contributions:

    – Tzenkethi Front is back in the PvE list and it counted for me for the completion of the endeavor “Complete Lukari TFOs” It’s quickly done.

    – Have not tried it yet but could imagine the Zefram Cochrane Shotgun can “Deal Physical Damage” also super fast. I see peeps use it often in pug runs.

    – Besides the already listed “Defeat Voth in Battlezone” among the ground tasks there is also the ground task just saying “Defeat Voth”. I think the respective BZ is again the way to go. Had the fun coincident yesterday that I got both those tasks at the same time so I could kill two birds with the same stone.

  • borgdp010  says:

    Space shield heal: Mission “Home” from Gamma arc.
    Fly to Odo’s flagship. Activate threatening stace, bio shield, graw well, fire at will and all shield healing abilities (esp. reverse shield polarity). all swarmers will try to kill you and you are done in no time healing the 150k shields😁

    • ruinthefun  says:

      Heal shield in space is the same as Heal Hull in space: Slot Improved Backwards Driving, go to Ragnarok, put the ship in reverse, wait.

  • Rico  says:

    Terran ground you can also do mirror of discovery missions

    • borgdp010  says:

      too annoying. search in foundry for 1000 terran. its a ground mission starting on ESD below the transporters (use current free transwarp to Q). it gives’s you plenty of terrans to kill without the hassle of a TFO.

  • borgdp010  says:

    heal xxx hull in space: episode Ragnarok from Future Proof arc is best for that. you get constant hull dmg from the area so spamming hull heals is a fast way to get the endeavor.

    • felisean  says:

      thats defnitly a good idea 🙂

    • InsertNameHere  says:

      too boring. too annoying. patrol; donatu is the ACTUAL best for patrol for donatu, the turrets have over 500,000 hit points, the second one(enemy attack the second its deployed) can be spam healed for the endeavor, less than five minutes from warp in and endeavor completed.
      Other space damage/shield heal one(s) can be completed simultaneously, the satellite/turret damage type contributes to your damage type progress.
      THATS the fast way to do it.

  • Capacitor  says:

    Destroy Targetable Torpedos

    I ran CCA today with the Console – Tactical – Automated Defense Turret equipped and completed this personal endeavor in less time than it took for me to come to a stop, hit space bar and then look at the progress bar.

    I doubted this would work so I did not log, and I did use FAW so I can’t say whether having the console equipped matters at all. But its definitely a lot easier than a Romulan patrol or PvP match.

    • felisean  says:

      sounds like a good way to do it 🙂

    • borgdp010  says:

      a far more lazy way to do it:
      the tzenketh torps count also so just start the mission, wait at first asteroid and let the tzenketh torps come at you 🙂

      • borgdp010  says:

        another update. the protomater torps apparently also count as Tzenkethi ships!
        So start the mission, launch some hangar pets on intercept mode and let them do the kills on the torps 🙂

  • Sirdante  says:

    These are really good points. I recently found out that with some foundry missions these endeavours became very easy and quickly to do. example, search for “terran empire ground” and you will find them. Personally i really liked missions from user “parekema”, they are really good and can work for both ground and space from only one mission. Cheers

    • Sirdante  says:

      Sorry his/her username is “parakema” and he/she has missions for borg,terrans,undine,voth,vaadwaur,tzenkethi,heralds,tholians.

      • Xev  says:

        All the parakema Foundry mishes are great. Direct and to the point. Will miss them much!

        Not only can you do vs. race X, you can get in weapon damage X, shoot down targetable torpedoes…, Heal for X, and etc and so on other Endeavors that I’m not thinking of atm – in (skippable)Space or on the (skippable)Ground or do both, all in the same mish.

        Great Resource, well done! Will be very missed when the Foundry goes *poof*.

  • Chop-Block  says:

    I’m not sure that the Future Proof Arc is correct for Terran Empire, ground. I believe those episodes deal mostly with Krenim and Nakhul. I think the new disco mirror episodes are fine if you don’t want to do Assault on Terok Nor. Jabberwocky give you enough Terrans to kill (barely) but it’s too annoying to play through the story to return the orb of possibilities to Mirror Bajor. I think borgdp10’s suggestion is also good.

    • felisean  says:

      yes they are fine too, but there was one episode with a lot of terrans, just forgot the name. the one you fight mirror leeta in the core room.

      • SeaOfSorrows  says:

        Ragnarok is the mission.. that’s what I use for Terran Ground.

        You start the mission by making your way to the Enterprise and then you beam aboard and it’s full of Terran troops. If you don’t get the endeavor, you can just beam out after fighting Leeta and do it again.

  • borgdp010  says:

    heal xxx health on ground:
    Do mission “Tenebris Torquent” (Gamma Arc) until you beam down on the planet. Deploy medical generators by engineers.
    Turn off environmental suit and wait for Generators to heal you 🙂

    • DilaZirK  says:

      This works fantastically.

  • chardzz  says:

    harvest (ground) hard(purple) : the mission diplomatic orders on fed side will yield 6 harvests

    • felisean  says:

      Thats a great idea 🙂

  • aka  says:

    today i had heal 18k shields on ground, gone to last gamma episode, “homevisit” first room is a broken pillar with plasma burn on it, equip 4 boffs with shield heal 2 eng 2 sci for heals and stand in : done in 3 min.
    i guess it works with health heal too since that plasma does nice dmg on myself.

    • Promeign  says:

      An option with longer duration but cheaper and more easily available is to get one boff with any shield recharge and go to New Romulus to stand in an insect swarm. You can do that without having played any Gamma episode.

  • aka  says:

    Destroy targetable torps: cca its splinters count as such.
    harvest materials(space) : argala, has only 1 but its always on same spot and always close.

  • CptBambam  says:

    i just found out the most of the npc in the arena in the mission “The undying” count as captains so its easy too use it for the Defeat Captains endeavor Mission when foundry is gone.

    • DilaZirK  says:

      While I was attempting to do just this, I happened to also find out that the platform right above the Nimbus Stronghold transporter point will frequently spawn a Pirate Captain, which also counts towards the endeavor.

  • DilaZirK  says:

    For the endeavor Hull Healing (Space), if you own the Vorgon Ytijara Dreadnought Cruiser summer event ship, its unique console ability (S.I.F. Inverter Beam) makes this endeavor trivial.

  • whicky1978  says:

    Cochran shotgun does physical damage and works best as “melee” weapon/close range

  • Xev  says:

    For Kinetic Damage – a lot of people have Kinetic…Cutting Beams.

  • john  says:

    You could remove the FOUNDRY ones from the text (and replace them with alternatives).

    Because Cryptic removed the Foundry.

    • felisean  says:

      should be fixed 🙂

  • Chop-Block  says:

    For Hull Heal in Space, I find the easiest thing to do is to find a ship where I have the Miracle Worker ability “Exceed Rated Limits III”, fly into combat (Dewau patrol, or something), and just hit Exceed Rated Limits a few times, which causes hull damage, and then use whatever hull heal ability (Hazard Emitter, etc) is handy.

  • Kradix  says:

    Heal on ground, goto nukara and stand in or near acid pool In Charlie sector. Best results with engineering and science captain

  • Julie Hicks (@echatty on STO)  says:

    Also for GPL, if you own a Ferengi ship (such as a Nandi), you can do the Dabo there. I did that once, so I know it works. As long as the endeavor doesn’t specify a location.

    • felisean  says:

      yea any dabo table should work for those usualy. did the dabo endeavor at nimbus myself once too

  • Malmern  says:

    Regarding the “Gain Salvage”, a much better way is to buy white MK XII gear on the exchange, as it gives over 100 salvage and is usually cheaper then 4,000 EC.

    • SeaOfSorrows  says:

      That’s a good idea. I have just been doing Argala loops and salvaging the drops. That’s pretty easy too, but can’t beat getting an endeavor done in 2min without ever leaving ESD.

  • Edward  says:

    Harvest materials in space – Sphere of Influence begins on ground, so just warping in and out will not bring those, there must be better missions for that.
    Also great walkthrough-thanks.

    • felisean  says:

      yea thats defnitly an error, fixed 🙂

  • Brooks  says:

    “Shadow Play”, in the FED Romulan Mystery arc will begin with a Romulan Warbird that will spit out destructible torpedoes as a single, or in groups of 3.

    • felisean  says:

      my prefered way is to go into the crystaline catastrophe queue for it, there are a lot of things counting as torpedos:)

  • Autumn  says:

    Elachi Dreadnaught in new Mycelial Realm story mission counts towards Dreadnaught count.

    • Dennis  says:

      There is no Dread in this ground only mission. but fun-ish anyway.

      • Kozoku  says:

        They mean the Story mission not the TFO

  • whicky1978  says:

    Patral Enocha System = crafting and jem’hadar ships

    • whicky1978  says:

      Enocha is the alpha quadrant so you don’t have to go far 😉

  • whicky1978  says:

    Beta Quadrant, pick up Cold Case Mission on the available tab to get ground crafting materials, beam out and repeat.

    • whicky1978  says:

      I mean alpha quadrant

  • DuckDAWorld  says:

    Harvest ground : planet Zaria/Alpha Quad/Breen Mine Plant

    #quaaack #LLAP =/\=

  • raptor  says:

    heal hull space : console universal : hull image refractors
    you can finish the endeavor in any system without battle (even ESD)
    console gives temporary hull while using heals above 100% the excess is counted as hull healing

    • felisean  says:


  • whicky1978  says:

    Shield Gen on Nukura to heal shields, sit/stand in acid pool. To health health, use health gen and stay on the ground by the beam in point. For health heal, take of EV suit. Commando and Miracle Worker hep.

  • Alyassus  says:

    If you just don’t have any Antiproton ship weapons, you can also do the episode “Sphere of Influence”. In its last act you pilot an iconian ship with antiproton weapons and that counts as well.

    • felisean  says:

      it’s normaly enough to just get a mk xii weapon and shoot something 🙂

  • Daniel  says:

    Also for the “Destroy Tholians” space endeavour: Beta Thoridor (

  • TomS98  says:

    I’ve found that Echoes of Light is a really good mission for the Harvest Materials (Ground) endeavor since there are two resource nodes that are pretty much right next to where you beam in on Draconis 20.

  • tsunami1701  says:

    what about deliver 10 prisoners?

    • felisean  says:

      thats a univeral not a personal endeavor 🙂

      but you just need to visit the security officer at esd as example 5 times during the duration. its usualy better and easier to switch to a kdf toon and deliver 10 tribble carcasses once 🙂

      • Deslan  says:

        What’s the best location to find prisoners? I’ve only randomly found a few. Is there a consistent spot?

        • felisean  says:

          admirality system or just buy them off the exchange. they are usualy cheap.

          • OgaDuby  says:

            Its much more practical to do that one on your KDF toon – klinks need to deliver 10 tribble carcasses and it takes a single assignment to do that.

  • whicky1978  says:

    Heal Hull Space, Satellite Defense (Kelsid System) Delta Quadrant, once finished you can heal the turrets or allies. The turret satellites have 262k Hull each so plenty to heal and there is no time limit like you have in a TFO.

  • whicky1978  says:

    Partisans also has 6 cap captains but I had to do the whole mission, only 4 after you defeat Squamous.

  • OgaDuby  says:

    targetable torpedoes – you can also do that one in SHADOW PLAY mission, under Romulan Mystery. 1st npc on entrance shoots them. Though, don’t shoot back at him, only his torps.

  • whicky1978  says:

    Winter Invasion TFO will get you two captains ground with the yeti in the cave 😀

  • Bomber  says:

    I use this page often for helping to complete endeavours, thank you. There is one I don’t see and that is “Defeat Elachi Captains” it’s a universal endeavour and I think it’s new, got any tips?

  • Bishopheals  says:

    @Bomber try ADV/Elite TFO Mycelial Realm.

  • Bishopheals  says:

    @Bomber Scratch that, I only see it as Normal not Adv/elite for ground.

  • Todd Roy  says:

    so, everytime a misison is named i have to search through the episodes to find it because you dont name it here. would make it much easier; episode home, under gamma quadrant, for example…

  • Wake  says:

    I would just like to contribute that the patrol “Aftermath” from the patrol interface let me kill over 30 voth ships for my purple level endeavor without having to fly around the battlezone looking for them or waiting for the mass spawn or doing broken voth TFOs.

  • Promeign  says:

    While the Undine battlezone is good for dreadnoughts as Tetrys spawn in the zones with enough players and you can get citadels in the Voth fleet, planet killers count as capital ships and not dreadnoughts I just confirmed.

  • Ardus2  says:

    Where can i destroy tholian ships ?

    • Hellspawny  says:

      CCA or Archer System

  • Macleod  says:

    Repair Teammates hull : Go to Ruins of Doom*(Image system patrol)with a friend , kill first wave , and just sit on radiation ,and heal eachother

  • whicky1978  says:

    Archer system patrol has torpedo’s. I used pets in intercept mode to get a few. You can also heal the npc’s for space healing and unequip your shield to take more damage and heal yourself.

  • CB  says:

    Physical damage (ground) – Thompson

    Kinetic Damage (space) – the Bajor Defense impulse engine actually does kinetic damage to enemies at very close range.

    Hurq Frigates – Gamma quadrant skirmishes

    Captain kills (ground) – Nimbus Stronghold, high end of the catwalk above the transporter (regularly spawning, in addition to the minibosses).

    Dreadnoughts – Badlands battlezone. Galaxy-X’s count.

    Dreadnoughts – Dranuur Gauntlet or Peril over Pahvo TFOs.

  • CB  says:

    oh and… defeat Terrans – ground section of “Para Pacem” episode

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