Here we collect some of the most frequently asked questions and issues concerning the CombatLogReader.

Q: Where can I get the CLR?
A: Use this link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2g4f4e8ikymq03i/CombatLogReader_java.zip?dl=0. It contains always the latest version.

Q: The program does not start or pops up an error message. What can I do?
A: Here are some of the most common issues: (Try it in this order)

  1. Check, if the .jar file is associated with Java. Some people had WinRar or similar programs associated with it. Maybe try “open with” and select java manually.
  2. Make sure, you extracted the WHOLE .zip file. You need the CombatLogReader.jar file and the lib folder in the same directory.
  3. Make sure, you have Java 7 or higher installed. An updated Java version is always recommended.
  4. Try to put the CLR in another directory. I recommend not to place it within C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86)
  5. If nothing helps, write me an in-game mail and describe your error.
  6. Or try the .exe verion.

Q: How do I use the program?
A: First of all you should disable rotating log files. After that simply follow the steps shown within the main window. They describe how to create a CombatLog file in STO and how to link it into the CLR.

Q: How can I use keybinds to start and stop the combatlog in the game?
A: The easiest way is to type “/bind F10 Combatlog 0” and “/bind F11 Combatlog 1” into the chat. Of course you can use any keys you want. I recommend F10 and F11 because they are seldom used and are similar to Combatlog 0 and Combatlog 1 -> easy to remember.
Don’t forget: Keybinds for space and ground are independent.
You can also add the lines F10 Combatlog 0 and F11 Combatlog 1 to your keybind file, if you use one.
Or, if you want a message, copy the lines:

F10 "CombatLog 1 $$ tell @handle, CombatLog ON"
F11 "CombatLog 0 $$ tell @handle, CombatLog OFF"

into your keybind file, replace @yourhandle by your @handle and you will send a message to yourself. Some people recommend “playersay” instead but I never found it working. You need the system chat visible for it, I guess.

Q: Why have my teammates different numbers in their parse?
A: Because the log of STO is inaccurate and it becomes even more inaccurate with larger distance between players. In ISA your numbers will always be close together, but in Khitomer or Cure the difference will be larger. But your own numbers should always be correct.

Q: What is the Mini Mode for?
A: The Mini Mode is a small window that shows the most important values of the current combat and will always stay in foreground. At least, if you play in window or maximized window mode. This is recommended anyways because the game tends to crash less frequently in window mode. With its transparency you can integrate the Mini Mode nearly perfectly into your HUD. Use “No frames” to remove the border and activate transparency. (May cause issues one some (non Windows) systems.)

Q: I found some issue or something that looks weird in my eyes. How do I report it?
A: Send me an in-game mail. And please add a log file that shows the problem (if it is an issue with the data) or an screenshot (if it is an UI problem).

Q: What is the logo.ico for? (Java version only)
A: You can use it to customize a shortcut with it. Create a shortcut to the CombatlogReader.jar and select properties-> change icon. Browse to the logo.ico and select it. Now you can move the shortcut to the desktop or wherever you want it.

More questions may be added when they appear.