How to disable automatically rotated log files

A standard setting of the STO server is to automatically rotated log files every hour. Which means that you have to select the rotated combatlog manually. You find your Combatlog in the “Cryptic Studios\Star Trek Online\Live\logs\GameClient” folder. A rotated combatlog is looking like this combatlog_date_time.log (e.g. “Combatlog_2016-02-25_18-00-00.Log”) and you have to select the latest one.

But there is a way to disable the log rotation in your client settings.

  1. Open your STO launcher options.


  2. Write “-NoAutoRotateLogs” (without quotation marks) into the command line and save your changes.

    After this setting is changed your logfiles are not rotating anymore. Your combatlog will now be called Combatlog.log .






2 comments to How to disable automatically rotated log files

  • Carcosa  says:

    How do you reverse this?

    • felisean  says:

      Remove the Command from the Command Line.
      But normaly there shouldnt be a reason to do so, you will just fill your sto folder with a bunch of different logfiles.

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