Short forms

here you will find all the necessary short forms used in the DPS League channels for team building and channel communication. We use to open the queue mission we want to fly as a private fleet action and then ask for the number of players we need to fill up on the DPS League channels. for example LF4M ISA = looking for 4 more infected space advanced. The correct answer to join this fleet action is writing ISA in the channel the private fleet action was called. 


LF2M = looking for 2 more

fty = full thank you

wfp = wait for pets (don’t go and start before caller says “go” on teamchat)

gg = good game

cc = cross channel

Last letter (X)

N = normal

A = Advanced

E = Elite

PVE short forms

ATNX = Assault on Terok Nor

AoS or Sompek or Arena = Arena of Sompek (Event Queue)

AAX = Atmosphere Assault

BDX = Borg Disconnected

BoPX = Battle of Procyon 5

BOTSX = Brotherhood of the Sword

BHX = Bug Hunt

BCX = Binary Circuit

CAX = Core Assault

CPX = Counterpoint

CCX = Crystalline Catastrophe

CGX = Cure Ground “Cure Applied”

CSX = Cure Space “Cure Found”

DBX = Dranur Beach Assault

DRSX = Defend Rh’Ihho Station

DoDX = Days of DOOM

DGX = Dranuur Gauntlet

FEZ = Battle of Korfez (no Normal and no Advanced)

GGX = Gateway to Grethor

GKX = Gravity Kills

HGX =  Hive Ground “Into the Hive”

HSX = Hive Space “Onslaught”

IGX = Infected Ground “Manus”

ISX = Infected Space “The Conduit”

KGX = Khitomer Ground “Stasis”

KSX = Khitomer Space “Vortex”

MIX = Mirror Incurrsion (Event PVE)

MINX = Miner Instabilities

NSDX = Nukara Self Destructive Tendencies

NTTX = Nukara Transdimensional Tactics

PDX = Pahvo Dissension

POPX = Peril Over Pahvo

RTFO = Random Task Force Operation

SB1X = Defense of Starbase One

TBX = The Breach (Event PvE)

TFX = The Tzenkethi Front

THSX = The Herald Sphere

TTX = Twin Tribulations

UAX = Undine Assault

VCX = Viscous Cycle

VEX = Vault Ensnared


Those short forms are channel related, you can find a list with additional short forms here.