Discord Server

We started our own Discord server. It’s work in progress, but feel free to join:


Please add your @Handle to your nickname when logging in.

10 comments to Discord Server

  • Johnny Reb 526  says:

    I have a fairly interesting build I noticed that you did not have in your list I’m using a mirror warship Constitution class if anybody is interested I wish to submit it for consideration thank you for your time.
    Johnny Reb

    • Hellspawny  says:

      Sure, just post a short summary in a matching discord channel or send us a pm.

  • Nilsha@captaindes#6611  says:

    I have a problem with withdrawing items from the fleet back. Mainly I can’t. It says I have already withdrawn my daily limit.

    I’ve observed others withdrawing more than three items daily and I’ve only been able to withdrawn 3 items total. Nothing else. Is there an issue with my account or has my profile been locked so I can’t withdraw?

    The items I’ve withdrawn were so that I could move them to another area. So, I really never took anything.

    Advise. Also if possible can someone clean up the fleet bank. Too many tribbles in my opinion.

    • Hellspawny  says:

      We are not connected with your fleet. Get in touch with the guys in charge.

  • Misty Hornets  says:

    I puzzled that this toon Zelicia is an engineer. So in your parser record said Tact. I use my new parser in few days ago. I checked STO-League too. Zelicia@nibiru12 So same thing like Mizzy@nibiru12 is a tact. in parser record said sci. Please fix the correct with player with correct to be specific. Thank you.

    • Tiberius  says:

      Player class detection works through the career-specific captain skills. Since the vast majority of characters in the game are tacticians, the Combatlog reader will detect any player as a tactician if he is not classified due to the lack of use of captain skills. If you want your character to be classified in the correct career, you should use all of your abilities.

      • Misty Hornets  says:

        Oic, that’s weird. its hard. Curious Is that true that 4 players who can support one player for like Buffer to get more powerful dps?

        • Hellspawny  says:


          • Misty Hornets  says:

            I puzzled! Sure? Is that all you said? for one sec, I dont buy it. You know nothing about it. Now I understand about buffer Because it must be match and …..(nothing what i tell you). CYA! (BOOM)

            • Hellspawny  says:

              Putting thoughts into words is an art that not everyone has mastered.

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