Discord Server

We started our own Discord server. It’s work in progress, but feel free to join:


Please add your @Handle to your nickname when logging in.

4 comments to Discord Server

  • Johnny Reb 526  says:

    I have a fairly interesting build I noticed that you did not have in your list I’m using a mirror warship Constitution class if anybody is interested I wish to submit it for consideration thank you for your time.
    Johnny Reb

    • Hellspawny  says:

      Sure, just post a short summary in a matching discord channel or send us a pm.

  • Nilsha@captaindes#6611  says:

    I have a problem with withdrawing items from the fleet back. Mainly I can’t. It says I have already withdrawn my daily limit.

    I’ve observed others withdrawing more than three items daily and I’ve only been able to withdrawn 3 items total. Nothing else. Is there an issue with my account or has my profile been locked so I can’t withdraw?

    The items I’ve withdrawn were so that I could move them to another area. So, I really never took anything.

    Advise. Also if possible can someone clean up the fleet bank. Too many tribbles in my opinion.

    • Hellspawny  says:

      We are not connected with your fleet. Get in touch with the guys in charge.

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