Suggestions for Season 13

Hello everybody,

here are some suggestions and informations for season 13 builds.

General changes:

  • Embassy Plasma consoles are useless now. Change them to universal consoles like Bioneural Infusion Circuit (Lobi), Delphic Tear Generator (exchange/lockbox), Tachyokinetic Konverter (Lobi), Temporal Disentanglement Suite (Episode Reward), Zero Point Module (Romulan Reputation), Dynamic Power Redistributor Module (Atlas or Box from exchange), in general anything that boosts damage.
  • ALL Tactical Consoles slots should be filled with Locator Consoles from the Fleet Spire!
  • For beam/cannon builds you could still use the Iconian Set or replace it with the Quantum Phase Set (because of the 3 piece bonus) and a Fleet Spire Core with AMP
  • Tactical Ultimate Skilltrees are highly prefered over Sci-Ultim...
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[CFT] CombatLogReader Beta4 Release

Hello everyone,

Below is a download link for the new Combatlogreader.jar Beta version. We could need your help, especially from people with german logfiles to test the version. (#Note: so far there is the .jar version only for testing available). Please give us some feedback below this post or [email protected] or @Felisean.


  • Added detection for Mission: Core Assault
  • Added detection for Mission: Twin Tribulation (work in progress, we could need the logfile in case its not detected propperly)
  • Added detection for Mission: Binary Circuit (work in progress, we could need the logfile in case its not detected propperly)
  • Changed detection for Sci Toons with a german logfile
  • Changed the DPS Calculation for Sci Kit Module: Electrical Field...
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Acidpresleys Season 13 Build

(Screenshot by @acidpresley)


Hello everyone,

we’re happy of being able to publish the build from @acidpresley. He was able to use his build for the first 160k DPS result after the Season 13 release. In addition, he managed to break the 200k barrier as the first person. With all these achivements and a highest result of 208k (4/29/2017) he achieved rank 1 in our Season 13 table. Congratulations for those results.
And here is the build he used, enjoy:

If there are any questions, feel free to contact him (@acidpresley) ingame.

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Nando’s Baltim S13 PvP Build

Hello everyone, Nandos here.

I’m happy to publish my Herald Baltim Heavy Raider PvP build i’m using at the moment in Arena and Kerrat. I know, it’s not a DPS build, but hey, PvP is there, even if it’s a very little part of the game. Some of you guys would like to fly some Arena or CnH with a competitive configuration, so this one may be interesting  😉 

This is a 5x Dual Heavy Cannons CRF build able to make very high damage hits on target within a short frametime, very useful to neutralize the enemy in a short burst. Also it’s very speedy since it runs the new Competitive Engines and its 2pc Space Set, and it uses some defensive setups that you will see in a moment. 

Of course, that’s not meant to be the perfect build or the best configuration possible out there, that’s just what I ca...

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Avaeris Season 13 Build

(Screenshot by @avaeris)

Hello everyone,

we’re happy to publish the build from our Channel Member @avaeris for you. He’s using the Shamshir Class Operations Dreadnougt Warbird [T6] with Antiproton Beam Arrays. So far he was able to do 174.8k DPS (5/14/2017) and achive rank #3 in our Season 13 table with it.

If there are any questions, feel free to contact @avaeris ingame.

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CptHandsomeJacks Season 13 Build

(CptHandsomeJacks Ship, Screenshot by @blunthogcpt)

Hello everyone,

We’re proud to publish the Season 13 approved build from one of our channel members,  CptHandsomeJack aka @blunthogcpt. He was able to achive 185k DPS (5/7/2017) and with that the #2 in our ISA Season 13 table.
And here is the shipbuild for you:

In case there are any questions about the build, feel free to contact him ingame 🙂

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Start of Season 13

Hello everyone

From today (4/26/2017) on the table for Season 13 is open. The results from the Season 12 table are still available via the Combatlogreader. Congratulations to everyone achiving their goals. We wish everyone good luck for the new season. May the race start again 🙂

Your DPS-League Admin Team

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Upcoming Balance “Fun” changes from Cryptic

Hello everyone,


based on the tribble notes (including things not mentioned there), all builds are outdated and shouldn’t build right now. After testing around we will release some new builds for you in the future.

DPS-League Admin Team

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23rd Century Dreadnought Cruiser

(Screenshot by @Obi18, thx for it!)

Hello everyone!

Here are our suggestions for the Prototype Dreadnoughts from the 23rd Century. These ships are heavily refitted to match the strength of newer ships!


  • Atlas Class Prototype Dreadnought Cruiser, check the KDF Version, the build is similar!



  • Thrai Dreadnought Warbird, check the KDF Version, the build is similar!


If there are any questions, feel free to ask us here or ingame!


As for all builds, the skilltree/ship build works for all professions and factions!
Don’t forget to read the Notes in the Skillplaner 😉

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CombatlogReader Update 04/03/2017

Hello Everyone!

We published a new CLR Update and here are the latest changes:

  • (04.03.2017)
    • Fixed memory leaks
    • Remove CVS export it was to broken by design and actually dont have any use.
    • Remove unused Code and Refactor some parts
    • Fixed InBoundMemory Exceptions when move Minutes between Combats to left/right
    • Rework the way Auto Refresh works to reduce the amount of memory while reading the Combatlog
    • Fix for a bug in Archive function, previously when auto reload was on and a archive file was saved, clr was reading the file again, again and again which have eaten your memory like nuts :>!
    • Fixed a bug where Players accidentally got another invitation.
    • Added CombatLog size detector, when your Logfile reaches 100 Mb you will get a reminder to keep your log small.
    • Added a predetection ...
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