Arena of Sompek

Hello everyone,

here are some tips for the new Event Queue based on our experience earlier.

General Tactic
Kill everything and especially in higher waves, dont get onehitted :). If there are no meele enemies, always aim+crouch. Go out of AoEs!! (normaly red circles, cones or something 🙂 ) For higher waves or when you’re in trouble use Security Escort (Tactical) and Nukara Reinforcements – Elite Reprogrammed Drones to support you. And the most important, help each other 🙂

  1. Lightning Stage: hide under the bridge (laser area behind the round number^^), it wont hit and kill you there normaly. Only if one impact was placed directly infront of it, it could hit you inside.
  2. Hazard Stage: dont hide under the bridge, the fire will hit you there...
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Connor’s NX Cannon Build

(Screenshot by @peterconnorfirst)

Hello everyone,

we’re proud to publish the build from one of our channel members again. He is a very skilled Cannon Escort pilot, doing more than 180k DPS so far. The build is tested and used after the Season 13 launch and performs very well. For Questions about this build you should contact him ingame (@peterconnorfirst). Enjoy the build:

And now a statement from the creator of this build:

Hey guys, Connor here.

Cannon build escorts and beam boats share most of the gear, trait and ability choices we deem right because both use energy weapons. There are however some discrete differences.

Most noteworthy one is the boff ability Cannon: Scatter Volley which works best in PvE to distribute damage with cannons in the front and tu...

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Eli’s Exotic Eternal Science Vessel

(Screenshot by @e30ernest)

Hello everyone,

we’re proud to show you another build from one of our channel members. This time its an Exotic focused build from @e30ernest and he’s performing very well with it. So far he was able to break the 200k mark after season 13. If you have any questions, feel free to contact him ingame. And finaly, here is the build, enjoy!


P.s. Feel free to check out his video about the ship too: >>click<<

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Vorgon Ryn’kodan Carrier

(Screenshot by @rurinnfane, Winner of our Screenshot Contest)

Hello everyone,

finaly our suggestion for the latest free ship, the Vorgon Ryn’kodan Carrier. It’s an engineer based carrier, so it’s very durable.

We wish everyone a lot of fun with this great looking ship.

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Lund’s DrainX Build S13

A short guide for the multi mission explorer vessels and other science ships being able to use drain builds.

*Warning* Shield-drain builds are heavily team based builds since there hull damaging capabilities are limited. 

Guide and build author:

shoutout to:
Aponte and Tankia

Skil Planer
Surhuelh Reconnaissance Explorer Warbird [T6] / Drain Build

Ship role and purpose

Goal of this build is to get as much dps as possible with pure Drain X abilities and consoles. Furthermore to draw aggro and tank for team mates, giving you and your team a greater survivability.

Guide Breakdown

this guide is written as an academic paper, starting with a review and walkthough of gear, traits , doffs etc...

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Screenshot Contest: Vorgon Ryn’kodan Carrier Winner!

Hello everyone,

with only one vote infront, we finaly decided for one screenshot. We have to admit that it was a really tough decision again. Because of this, we decided to reward the second place with some masterkeys too.
But finaly, here is our winner:






 Second Place:



Congratulations to the Winner and thanks everyone for participating.

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Kobayashi Maru Event

Hello everyone,

on this page you could find usefull informations like usefull gear, tactic, the mechanic from the queue about the Kobayashi Maru Event. Thisis stil a work in progress since we don’t know everything so far 🙂

Team Layout:

It looks like one dedicated healer to protect the Kobayashi Maru and 4 Damagedealer are required. Every damagedealer should have Aceton Assimilator and Tractor Beam Repulsor equipped.


  1. In this mission you have to protect the Kobayashi Maru. Everyone should mark the ship as Focused Target to be able to switch your target fast and throw heals over and to see if its in trouble or not.
  2. Every 6 (?) stages is a boss stage
  3. There are 4 Stations/beacons on the map (north east, north west, south east and south west)...
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Screenshot Contest: Vorgon Ryn’kodan Carrier

Hello everyone!

We are proud to host our next Screenshot Contest! This time, it features the free ship from this years summer event.

The theme for this contest:

Vorgon Ryn’kodan Carrier

The Vorgon Ryn’kodan Carrier has to be on the screenshot. The rest is up to you!


Conditions of participation:

  • To participate you need to send in the screenshot link here or in the STO-Forum and we need your @handle. If your character is called [email protected], add @Doe to the comment with your entry here or at the forum.
  • Only one screenshot per person is allowed.
  • The use of photoshop or other similar programs to enhance the picture is allowed and highly appreciated.
  • Not allowed are 3d rendering programms, it still has to be a ingame screenshot!

Deadline to participate and send in a screenshot is 27th of...

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Shuttle (Event) Builds

Hello everyone,

here are our suggestions for shuttle builds. The best working right now should be based on torpedos. These are mainly generic builds that could be adapted for other shuttles too since there are quite equal. The Danube itself (and the KDF counterpart) could be bought from the shipyard for a minor amount of EC.

List of great consoles:

  • Aceton Assimilator ( AoE dmg & aoe drain & draw aggro aka meatwall ^^ / Infinity Box)
  • Delphic Tear Generator (Coneaoe dmg / Infinity Box)
  • Defensive Drone Guardians (aoe faw dmg / Lockbox)
  • Dynamic Power Redistributor (dmg buff & heal / Lockbox, expensive for fed)
  • Lukari Protomatter Field (...
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CombatlogReader Update 6/1/2017

Hello Everyone!

We published a new CLR Update and here are the latest changes:

  • (01.06.2017)
    • Added detection for Mission: Core Assault
    • Added detection for Mission: Twin Tribulation
    • Added detection for Mission: Binary Circuit
    • Changed detection for Sci Toons with a german logfile
    • Changed the DPS Calculation for Sci Kit Module: Electrical Field. Selfdamage to pylon does not count as Damage anymore.
    • Several minor bugfixes

Because of the changes for the DPS Calculation for the Science Kit Module: Electrical Field we’ve deleted several ground records.

We’d like to thank all Testers for helping on the beta releases. If there are any problems, feel free to contact us ingame!

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[CFT] CombatLogReader Beta4 Release

Hello everyone,

Below is a download link for the new Combatlogreader.jar Beta version. We could need your help, especially from people with german logfiles to test the version. (#Note: so far there is the .jar version only for testing available). Please give us some feedback below this post or ingame @miwifbsd or @Felisean.


  • Added detection for Mission: Core Assault
  • Added detection for Mission: Twin Tribulation (work in progress, we could need the logfile in case its not detected propperly)
  • Added detection for Mission: Binary Circuit (work in progress, we could need the logfile in case its not detected propperly)
  • Changed detection for Sci Toons with a german logfile
  • Changed the DPS Calculation for Sci Kit Module: Electrical Field...
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