Diamond is forever Challenge

The “Diamond is forever” Challenge is a nice challenge with a contest. The prizes have a current value of more than 2 billion Energy Credits! This Contest is for the PC-Version from STO only.

Conditions of participation:

  1.  Please leave your ingame @ handle here as a comment or enter it in this thread (german version). If your character is called [email protected], leave @Doe as a comment or write it in the forum thread. Please write your @handle with the correct lower and upper case. This would make it easier for us to copy the name!
  2. You need to parse an Infected Space Advanced (ISA) with the CombatLogReader (CLR) and upload the parse to the DPS-League Table.
  3. You have to reach 40,000 DPS for the first time or you have to reach 80,000 DPS for the first time or you have to reach 160,000 DPS for ...
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aeley’s Fleet Ar’kif Cannon build

(Screenshot by @Aeley)

Hi everyone!

My build for the record run:


And my general mission build:


I didn’t make a lot of changes for the record run.  There are a handful of changes I could make to improve the score further (in theory, at least), although most would require spec changes, and I still mostly use this ship for general missions (for which I like the specs how they are).

I’d like to bring up single cannons.  Pre-rebalance, when I was trying to break 250 with cannons, I came across a ‘critical mass’ with dual cannons/dual heavy cannons, wherein each additional cannon was merely cannibalizing damage from the rest...

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DPS-Deutsch – Der deutschsprachige Channel der STO-League


Als besonderen Service für unsere mit dem Englischen nicht so ganz bewanderten Channelmitgliedern haben wir einen neuen Chat-Kanal gegründet.

Mit /channel_join DPS-Deutsch könnt ihr direkt beitreten.

Für’s erste nur ein paar einfache Regeln, die eigentlich selbstverständlich sein sollten:

  • Seid höflich zueinander und labert keinen Mist
  • keine Flottenwerbung
  • das ist kein STOGerman… bleibt also beim Thema Builds, DPS, gemeinsame Spielrunden usw.

Bei Fragen, Beschwerden u.ä. wendet Euch an einen Operator oder Admin.

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STO Comic by tapper20

Hello everyone.

today i want to show you a star trek online based comic created from our channel member @tapper20. Enjoy! 🙂


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Xindi T6 Ships

Hello guys,

here are our suggestions for the xindi ships, upgraded to T6. Have fun with these great ships.

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Miracle Worker Cruisers

The recently introduced Miracle Worker Cruisers offer some interesting build alternatives. Sadly, the cruisers aren’t available on sto-academy.com yet, so screenshots will do at the moment. So please consider this page as work in progress.

We highly recommend the tactical versions as the current meta favors tactical consoles to boost you weapon damage. It also offers the best starship trait from the bundle.

  1. Standard DPS Cruiser Build

    This is a common beam build. Nothing special and more important slightly worse than i.e. the T6 flagship series which clearly offer the better console set.

  2. Entoiled Technology Build

    The Nausicaan three piece set is really made for this ship. A 5/3 weapon layout similar to the Sheshar would be perfect (see that build here), but 4/4 is still ok.

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Na’kuhl Starships



Hello everyone,

here are our suggestions for the mighty Na’kuhl ships. All builds are for Season 14. Enjoy!

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Colony Defense Simulation

Hello everyone,

here are some informations about the new Dranuur Colony Defense Simulation. You could start the simulation (Security Officer, next to the spawnpoint) with a T1 fleet or higher. You need 3 provisions to start the simulation. This simulation is a great way to earn provisions for each tier to upgrade the Colony Holding.

Teams (and yes, team up per generator to get teamwide buffs like rally cry, tactical proficiency and so on):
1x Eng per Team (REQUIRED if you want it easy going, check the build at the end of the post)
2-3x Tac per Team
1-2x Sci per Team

The simulation:
*attention* There is only a maximum of 20 people allowed to be on the map. Otherwise the simulation will stop with the next break point. *attention*
You have to defend 4 Shield Generators on the map...

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End of Season 13

Hello everyone,

tomorrow with the release of Season 14 we will end Season 13 in Combatlogreader. From tomorrow evening all uploads will saved in the new Season 14 table. All Records for Season 13 will remain available in their table.

STO-League Admin Team

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Harvester – An Elachi Sheshar Intel Dreadnaught Cruiser

Hello everybody,

this is my current version of the Elachi Intel Sheshar. I’m able to do >110k DPS with it in ISA PuG runs, even without proper timing of the offensive skills and more or less lazy piloting. 

Although this dreadnaught is one of the rare and expensive promo ships which appeals only to a minority of players, the build itself is quite universal and you can copy it easily to any other 5/3 cruiser, i.e. the Acheros (which btw. is not only incredibly cheap but thanks to it’s versatility also one of my favorite ships), Arbiter, Atlas, Vengeance etc. The Sheshar itself is slow and clumsy. And big. Really big...

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