Clarifying the rules for uploads of Infected Space runs

Dear DPS-chasers,

recently there have been quite a few discussions and questions regarding our rules for uploads of ISA and ISE runs. We want to clarify these here to hopefully answer the questions.
As we have mentioned before, we consider a run complete when the “Operation Complete” sign shows up. In the case of Infected Space this means that the Tactical Cube, the Gateway and all other entities need to be dead. To have valid logs, just let the logging continue or make sure that this is the case when you stop the CombatLog. As mentioned a good indicator as to when you can execute /CombatLog 0 is the “Operation Complete” text which pops up. We also want to state again that CLR automatically disregards any irrelevant data in the log that could extend your combat time, for example Hull Heals or remaining DoTs on players. If there is an ability where this is not the case, please let us know.

If you have questions about the validity of a run, please contact us prior to (or while) uploading. There are multiple ways that can help clear up a misunderstanding such as logs from other players of the same run or a video recording. Please note that willfully uploading invalid logs with malicious intent will ultimately result in a ban from the league.

Thank you for taking notice.
The DPS-League Admin Team

4 comments to Clarifying the rules for uploads of Infected Space runs

  • Vin'Zod  says:

    Yeah I’m not having much luck with the CLR. Every time I get a good run and by that I mean I didnt f’ up my piloting, which tends to be my biggest source of dps loss, any of my logs over 160k gets nit-picked. One told me I was gate doping, which i had no clue to that terminology so I had to look it up. Google: what is gate doping. Which is sad because we went left, then right, then gate, then cube and that’s the answer I got.. Ok no problem. Maybe I accidently stopped my record before the operations done came up, dont know. Just letting it go.

    Just did a run, after several mess ups, had a clean run. After center, went left, I got there first, cube, nanite transformers, gate, then clean up spheres, and probes, off to the right side and rinse and repeat.. THEN the log tells me no upload cause I did to much damage to the nanite transformers? Ok, sorry… i’ll try to not kill them all before others get a shot in? I dont know, and it’s frustrating needless to say.

  • Vin'Zod  says:

    Never mind, got advice from someone in dps gold how to prevent some of the problems i’m getting from pugs. Which might be triggering these messages.

  • Metane  says:

    i guess i’d just like to know where to upload.

    • Hellspawny  says:

      Use the upload button in the CLR?

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