Updated rules for uploading CombatLogs

Dear DPS-chasers,

In light of recently renewed uncertainty and confusion on the subject we would like to remind you all of our stance on uploading modified logfiles: https://www.sto-league.com/regarding-upload-of-modified-logfiles/ and https://www.sto-league.com/clarifying-the-rules-for-uploads-of-infected-space-runs/ To further clarify: This includes any modifications to logs before uploading. Please note that this violates channel rule #3 from here: https://www.sto-league.com/channel-rules/. As mentioned in previous posts, if you are unsure about the validity of a log, please ask us before uploading in CLR and we will be sure to discuss it with you.

Furthermore, our position on modified logfiles will be extended to include a rule regarding logging or warping out: Leaving the map before it is completed (when the “operation complete” graphic displays) to shorten the own combat time is not allowed.
We have discussed certain strategies a lot recently and concluded that this could be used to shorten combat time of a player significantly, even though they otherwise would still be participating in the combat. This gives an unfair advantage in our opinion and will therefore be forbidden. It is better to err on the side of caution for these issues and deciding on a case-by-case basis for these things is too time consuming and may make some players feel excluded or at a disadvantage.
We would also like to mention again that CLR already filters actions and lines that can extend the duration of a combat unwantedly. This includes, but is not limited to: heals, warp core breaches and plasma dots. We might extend this list in the future, however, if and when is not decided at this point.

To conclude, #3 of our channel rules now reads:
3. Fake, manipulated or incomplete parses will not be accepted and uploading such logfiles may result in a permanent ban from the league.

Briefly summarized this means: No trimming or editing of any kind, no stopping the CombatLog before the map is complete (= all enemy entities are dead) and all players have to stay on the map until completion. Please refer to the posts mentioned in the text above for full clarification as to what counts as a complete and valid parse.

Thank you for taking notice.
The DPS-League Admin Team

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