Channel Rules

Channel Rules:

1. Please respect the Admins as they are not getting paid for this in any way and offer this service on their free time.

2. We do not tolerate any harrasement or abuse of Channel Members.

3. Fake, manipulated or incomplete parses will not be accepted and uploading such logfiles may result in a permanent ban from the league.

4. We ask everyone to give prior notice before cross-channel inviting. If you call out on Bronze and try to find your last member on gold, make sure he knows what he signing up for.

5. When joining a Channel-run only do so, on toons that hit the required goal of the Channel. Don’t sign up for a Gold run if you know your new Delta-Toon can’t yet make that. Only exception is, when you give prior notice and the Instance creator accepts. Bringing supportships can be beneficial on higher runs.

6. Follow the instance creators rules, and be reasonable with your rules when hosting an instance. Wait for Pets (WFP) and a “go in 3” when everyone is ready gives everyone a fair chance.

7. Don’t use the Channel for Fleet or Item advertisement. Be reasonable with fellow Gamers, help others to improve and try enjoying your time ingame.