Regarding upload of Modified Logfiles

Dear players of the league,
in the light of recent events, we would like to remind everybody that only complete parses of ISA or any other TFO are eligible for uploads. A run is considered complete when the “Operation Complete” Text shows (in HSE the video). As we have done before we will therefore monitor uploaded parses of sufficiently high DPS even more closely. A video recording, as well as multiple logs of the same run, may help us resolve whether a run is valid or not in case there is any problem.
We have taken this formality for granted in the past but now see the need to include it in item 3. of our channel rules. With CLR now automatically cutting off relevant DoTs, heals, etc. further editing is never necessary. As per this rule, manipulation of logs will result in a permanent ban from the League Table and channels and associated services if necessary. Furthermore, all previously uploaded logs will be removed, as we may not be able to validate the correctness of previously shared combats. If you are unsure about a CombatLog, please contact us prior to uploading.
Thank you for taking notice.
The DPS-League Admin Team