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End of RoD and new seasonal table

Hello everyone,

with the changes to the Borg STFs we will introduce a new seasonal table for ISA and HSE, the ISA BR and HSE BR table. All your old records from ISA S15 and HSE S15 are still there, but it will no longer be possible to upload to this league-table anymore.
Uploads to the new table are possible from tomorrow (January 08 2020).

In addition, we might add a new table for ISE, but we need some testing for that map first.

If there are any problems with the upload and downloads,  please comment below or contact us via discord or ingame.



your sto-league admin team

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Greeting to all members of the DPS League.

Im proud to announce our new affiliation with our friends at Subcomms who have been with us for many years, and there is much crossover between our communities.

You may have noticed they had their own chat within the League discord for some time, so we thought its long overdue to introduce our long time friends to those who may not have noticed.

Run by a legendary captain MC Romeo, Subcomms has been around for as long as the game. A friendly and casual place people have gravitated towards for good conversations and helpful advice. More than that MC has been a great friend to the community often giving considerable time to help players of all shapes and sizes. If you ever needed help creating an organised team then MC was your goto guy.


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Happy New Year 2019

We wish everyone a Happy New Year and all the best for the next year. We hope that everyone survived the partys without too much damage  😀
May all your dreams for the next year become true!

On a successful new Year and happy DPS hunting!


Your DPS-League Admin Team

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Upcoming Balance “Fun” changes from Cryptic

Hello everyone,


based on the tribble notes (including things not mentioned there), all builds are outdated and shouldn’t build right now. After testing around we will release some new builds for you in the future.

DPS-League Admin Team

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World First – 2 Man No Win Scenario (pre-DR)

Star Trek Online’s most difficult PvE Mission (before DR was released – new NWS normal is easier) taken care of by only two Players:

RyanSTO [email protected]_carter
Porch [email protected]

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