Greeting to all members of the DPS League.


Im proud to announce our new affiliation with our friends at Subcomms who have been with us for many years, and there is much crossover between our communities.


You may have noticed they had their own chat within the League discord for some time, so we thought its long overdue to introduce our long time friends to those who may not have noticed.


Run by a legendary captain MC Romeo, Subcomms has been around for as long as the game. A friendly and casual place people have gravitated towards for good conversations and helpful advice. More than that MC has been a great friend to the community often giving considerable time to help players of all shapes and sizes. If you ever needed help creating an organised team then MC was your goto guy.


Recently there was a misunderstanding that led to members of their in-game channel being removed and we are hoping to bring attention to users who may not have noticed their removal from the channel. The DPS League would like to encourage users, both new and old, to join Subcomms and find another great place to hangout with people.


Thank you to everyone for helping us grow and learn, because together we are what makes our community stronger.


For invite to Subcomms contact: @mcromeo @bobnooniansingh @jhonydee @vaklo @coronet101 @dylankosh @flocki3 @soludor @daiose @samaya02 @lordcruncher @postal638 @felisean

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