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Lund’s DrainX Build S13

A short guide for the multi mission explorer vessels and other science ships being able to use drain builds.

*Warning* Shield-drain builds are heavily team based builds since there hull damaging capabilities are limited. 

Guide and build author:

shoutout to:
Aponte and Tankia

Skil Planer
Surhuelh Reconnaissance Explorer Warbird [T6] / Drain Build

Ship role and purpose

Goal of this build is to get as much dps as possible with pure Drain X abilities and consoles. Furthermore to draw aggro and tank for team mates, giving you and your team a greater survivability.

Guide Breakdown

this guide is written as an academic paper, starting with a review and walkthough of gear, traits , doffs etc...

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Kobayashi Maru Event

Hello everyone,

on this page you could find usefull informations like usefull gear, tactic, the mechanic from the queue about the Kobayashi Maru Event. Thisis stil a work in progress since we don’t know everything so far 🙂

Team Layout:

It looks like one dedicated healer to protect the Kobayashi Maru and 4 Damagedealer are required. Every damagedealer should have Aceton Assimilator and Tractor Beam Repulsor equipped.


  1. In this mission you have to protect the Kobayashi Maru. Everyone should mark the ship as Focused Target to be able to switch your target fast and throw heals over and to see if its in trouble or not.
  2. Every 6 (?) stages is a boss stage
  3. There are 4 Stations/beacons on the map (north east, north west, south east and south west)...
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Suggestions for Season 13

Hello everybody,

here are some suggestions and informations for season 13 builds.

General changes:

  • Embassy Plasma consoles are useless now. Change them to universal consoles like Bioneural Infusion Circuit (Lobi), Delphic Tear Generator (exchange/lockbox), Tachyokinetic Konverter (Lobi), Temporal Disentanglement Suite (Episode Reward), Zero Point Module (Romulan Reputation), Dynamic Power Redistributor Module (Atlas or Box from exchange), in general anything that boosts damage.
  • ALL Tactical Consoles slots should be filled with Locator Consoles from the Fleet Spire!
  • For beam/cannon builds you could still use the Iconian Set and a Fleet Spire Core with AMP...
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The Breach (Event) – Guide

Hello everyone,

here are some hints and informations about The Breach (Event) queue 🙂

Stage 1: Engaging the City Ship and destroy Hard Points
Move in and shoot at Hardpoints. To beat all the Hard Points as fast as possible you could start your attack run 30 seconds after each other to let them respawn. If you want to speed things up, the first person could just speed to the Breach Point as fast as possible. A Cloak could be very very helpful for that tactic.

Stage 2: Destroy the Subpower Core
In this room you should rescue the 3 Allied Ships first. If you enter the room there is one directly infront of you, one on the left side behind the Subpower Core and one on the far right side. If you wanna speed things up, split up there. To rescue them you need ONLY!! to interact with them...

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Arena of Sompek

Hello everyone,

here are some tips for the new Event Queue based on our experience earlier.

General Tactic
Kill everything and especially in higher waves, dont get onehitted :). If there are no meele enemies, always aim+crouch. Go out of AoEs!! (normaly red circles, cones or something) For higher waves or when you’re in trouble use Security Escort (Tactical) and Nukara Reinforcements – Elite Reprogrammed Drones to support you. And the most important, help each other 🙂

  1. Lightning Stage: hide under the bridge (laser area behind the round number^^), it wont hit and kill you there normaly. Only if one impact was placed directly infront of it, it could hit you inside.
  2. Hazard Stage: dont hide under the bridge, the fire will hit you there...
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Reckoning Expansion 2 Men Elite Guide


We have done the two new elite queues of Star Trek Online on the Tribble preview server with two men.
The new missions “Gravity Kills” and “Tzenkethi front” will be released with the Reckoning Expansion together with the 10th reputation system.

This video guide should show you, how the new missions work.

2 Men Gravity Kills Elite Guide:

2 Men Tzenkethi Front Elite Guide:

Have fun while watching!


Your DPS-League Admin Team

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Skillpoints – little breakdown

Our recommended skilltree can be found here.

This little breakdown provides an overview about the different skillpoints and how you can customize our recommended skilltrees.

46 skillpoints are available. It is necessary to spend 27 points in tactic to get the tactical ultimate ability and it’s necessary to spend 3 points in “Long-Range Targeting Sensors”.
Because of that 30 points out of 46 points are already allocated and 16 points are left.


  • Hull Restoration (2 points)
    Every ship is using some kind of hull heal e.g. Hazard Emitter,
  • Hull Capacity (0-1 points)
    Tacticals focused on DPS should avoid that skill because it’s harder to get a 0% gdf with more hull capacity. Other careers can spend a point there,
  • Electro Plasma System Flow (2 points)
    Very important...
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Skilltree – suggestion

Hello communinty,

with Star Trek Online’s Season 11.5 the skillrevamp went live!

We’ve here suggestions for the new skilltree.

At first a suggestion for a character on romulan side:


(>>on STO-Academy’s Skillplanner<<)

And here is a suggestion for a character on federation or kdf side:

(>>on STO-Academy’s Skillplanner<<)

By using one of these skilltrees you will get some passive unlocks. You can chose them in the progression bar at the bottom of skilltree.
You’ll get two engineering unlocks, choose “Battery Expertise” and “Maximun Hull Capacity”.You’ll get one science unlock, you can choose there what you want more “Sector Space Travel Speed” or “Transwarp Cooldown Reductions”.
You’ll get all four tactical unlocks, you should choose “Hangar Weaponry”, “Projectile Critical Chance”,  “Energ...

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Strategist Specialization

Hello community,

with Star Trek Online’s Season 11.5 we’re getting a new secondary specialization. This new specialization is called “Strategist”.

This specialization will now be recommended instead of pilot as secondary specialization. Intelligence will still be the recommended primary specialization.

Strategist highly depends on the new “Threatening Stance”. We are recommending to switch the “Threatening Stance” during combat. “Attrition Warfare” reduces bridge officer recharge time once every 20 seconds after a captain or bridge officer hull heal has been used while threatening. After the hull heal has been used, threatening can be disabled. Make sure to enable threatening before you use the hull heal to reduce cooldowns.

If there are questions let us know!

Your DPS-League Admin Team

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How to disable automatically rotated log files

A standard setting of the STO server is to automatically rotated log files every hour. Which means that you have to select the rotated combatlog manually. You find your Combatlog in the “Cryptic Studios\Star Trek Online\Live\logs\GameClient” folder. A rotated combatlog is looking like this combatlog_date_time.log (e.g. “Combatlog_2016-02-25_18-00-00.Log”) and you have to select the latest one.

But there is a way to disable the log rotation in your client settings.

  1. Open your STO launcher options.


  2. Write “-NoAutoRotateLogs” (without quotation marks) into the command line and save your changes.

    After this setting is changed your logfiles are not rotating anymore. Your combatlog will now be called Combatlog.log .






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