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ISA Pilot’s Manual

Hello everyone!

This is a generic guide written for the DPS League designed to help people understand the positioning and skill activation sequence for a standard left to right ISA.

Positioning and skill sequence is probably one of the more complex requirements that can greatly influence the DPS outcome. The other major factor would be team composition.

Starting position from an organised run has a countdown started by the host, public runs just start the moment you get in. A 1 second full impulse burst is required to get you into range to shoot the first central group.

(graphic by @reptilecynrik)

Starting Group:

  • A Normal Attack consists of Activating Emergency Power to Weapons, Kemocite, Attack Pattern Beta, Scatter Voller or Fire at Will, then shoot
    • optional to use Tac Team to clear b...
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HSE Pilot’s Manual

Hey folks, Peter here.

With the increasing interest to use HSE to put DPS potential and general team play skills to the test we decided to publish a quick guide as to how this map feels to be approached best. It can be separated in two stages.

(graphic by @reptilecynrik)

Stage One

The team warps in facing the Hive from the highly useful flanking position so the general side from where to attack is already made clear (Start). The start timer should be used to launch hangar pets, manage +/- threat stance and select cruiser commands. A good way to engage the Hive would be to get into 11-12 km range, come to a hold to refresh power levels, give a “go in 3” command, sync/buff up all abilities and start to fire as a team...

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Winters System Series

Greetings, Admirals!

This series is a complete walkthrough of every major system in Star Trek Online. Reputation System, Duty Officer System, Admiralty System, Research and Development, Fleets, Upgrading and Re-Engineering etc.  Every player, new and veteran, will find this series a valuable source of information, tips and tricks. You may even learn something new!


  1. Earth Space Dock [ESD] Tour
  2. Qo’nos Tour
  3. New Romulus Command Center Tour
  4. Deep Space 9 [DS9] Tour
  5. Intro into Fleets
  6. Intro into Duty Officer System
  7. Intro into Crafting [R&D]
  8. Intro into Skill Trees
  9. Intro into Dilithium Mining
  10. Intro into Reputation System
  11. Intro into Specialization System
  12. Intro into Admiralty System
  13. Intro into Upgrading & Re-Engineering
  14. Advanced Guide into Duty Officer System
  15. Intro into Endeavor System
  16. Int...
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Neela’s Jem’Hadar Vanguard Warship for HSE

(Screenshot by @peterconnorfirst)

Hey folks, Peter here.

With the release of ViL Felisean pointed me in the direction of the new Jem’Hadar Vanguard Warship which is really a cannon player’s dream come true in PvE. 5/3 weapons layout, a Lt. Commander Miracle Worker station, escort like maneuverability and the new wingman mechanic make this ship stand out. It fits perfectly into the current aux2bat + Cold Hearted hype taking care of all cooldown requirements from a high ranking Cannon: Scatter Volley down to the Miracle Worker powers. Hellspawny has made use of them in past ISA records and given the available options the presented build has Narrow Sensor Bandwidth and Mixed Armaments Synergy selected...

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Feliseans Controls Settings

Hi everyone,

due to a request (wave @jonbeydler) here is a screenshot of the controls settings i’m using.

I’m using off for most of the things to get more control over the targets i could choose. Potential changes that could work well too is to put “never auto target objects” and “Never auto target pets” to on, but so far i didnt encountered any problems in pve with it.

Keep in mind that these are just my settings, and everyone might need other settings than i prefere them, so play a bit around 😉


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STO Ground Damage Calculation

Hi everyone!

For most of us it’s a cryptic mystery how the damage of our ground weapons is actually calculated. But not any more! Our dear friends [email protected] and @soludor (check out their NTTE records) give some insight on this matter and share their vast knowledge with us.

The general formula for ranged ground weapons is:

Total Damage = (CombatSpec + Mkmod + 0.75 * (DamageInc + 0.25 * WpnProf) + 0.02 * WpnMods) * (1 + BonusDamage) * FinalDamage

This formula could also be posed in a shorter way, similar to the terminology used in space of “Base, Bonus and Final Damage”:

Total Damage = BaseDamage * (1+BonusDamage) * FinalDamage

The BaseDamage term is slightly different for melee weapons. The full formula for melee weapons is as follows:

Total Damage = (1 + Mkmod + DamageInc + 0...
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Colony Defense Simulation

Hello everyone,

here are some informations about the new Dranuur Colony Defense Simulation. You could start the simulation (Security Officer, next to the spawnpoint) with a T1 fleet or higher. You need 3 provisions to start the simulation. This simulation is a great way to earn provisions for each tier to upgrade the Colony Holding.

Teams (and yes, team up per generator to get teamwide buffs like rally cry, tactical proficiency and so on):
1x Eng per Team (REQUIRED if you want it easy going, check the build at the end of the post)
2-3x Tac per Team
1-2x Sci per Team
Our prefered Team setting is mentioned at the end of the post.

The simulation:
*attention* There is only a maximum of 20 people allowed to be on the map. Otherwise the simulation will stop with the next break point. *atten...

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Connor’s NX Cannon Build

(Screenshot by @peterconnorfirst)

Hello everyone,

we’re proud to publish the build from one of our channel members again. He is a very skilled Cannon Escort pilot, doing more than 180k DPS so far. The build is tested and used after the Season 13 launch and performs very well. For Questions about this build you should contact him ingame (@peterconnorfirst). Enjoy the build:

And now a statement from the creator of this build:

Hey folks, Peter here.

Cannon build escorts and beam boats share most of the gear, trait and ability choices we deem right because both use energy weapons. There are however some discrete differences.

Most noteworthy one is the boff ability Cannon: Scatter Volley which works best in PvE to distribute damage with cannons in the front and turr...

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Lund’s DrainX Build S13

A short guide for the multi mission explorer vessels and other science ships being able to use drain builds.

*Warning* Shield-drain builds are heavily team based builds since there hull damaging capabilities are limited. 

Guide and build author:

shoutout to:
Aponte and Tankia

Skil Planer
Surhuelh Reconnaissance Explorer Warbird [T6] / Drain Build

Ship role and purpose

Goal of this build is to get as much dps as possible with pure Drain X abilities and consoles. Furthermore to draw aggro and tank for team mates, giving you and your team a greater survivability.

Guide Breakdown

this guide is written as an academic paper, starting with a review and walkthough of gear, traits , doffs etc...

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Kobayashi Maru Event

Hello everyone,

on this page you could find usefull informations like usefull gear, tactic, the mechanic from the queue about the Kobayashi Maru Event. Thisis stil a work in progress since we don’t know everything so far 🙂

Team Layout:

It looks like one dedicated healer to protect the Kobayashi Maru and 4 Damagedealer are required. Every damagedealer should have Aceton Assimilator and Tractor Beam Repulsor equipped.


  1. In this mission you have to protect the Kobayashi Maru. Everyone should mark the ship as Focused Target to be able to switch your target fast and throw heals over and to see if its in trouble or not.
  2. Every 6 (?) stages is a boss stage
  3. There are 4 Stations/beacons on the map (north east, north west, south east and south west)...
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