Colony Defense Simulation

Hello everyone,

here are some informations about the new Colony Defense Simulation. You could start the simulation (Security Officer, next to the spawnpoint) with a T1 fleet or higher. You need 3 provisions to start the simulation. This simulation is a great way to earn provisions for each tier to upgrade the Colony Holding.

Teams (and yes, team up per generator to get teamwide buffs like rally cry, tactical proficiency and so on):
1x Eng per Team (REQUIRED if you want it easy going, check the build at the end of the post)
1-3x Tac per Team
1-3x Sci per Team

The simulation:
*attention* There is only a maximum of 20 people allowed to be on the map. Otherwise the simulation will stop with the next break point. *attention*
You have to defend 4 Shield Generators on the map. The positions are as followed:

There are a maximum of 30 Waves in this simulation. Defend the Generators. The engineer of the team should place a Medical Generator (from R&D) and the Photonic Barrier Generator (Iconian Reputation) next to the Shield Generator and keep them running all the time. A covershield could protect one side of the generator too. Every few waves there will spawn an enemy mortar a bit outside of the normal spawning area from enemies (*attention* for generator 2, one mortar could spawn inside the mountain. use a mortar to kill him). One person should engage that Mortar directly. In addiditon, kill the most dangerous enemies first, the ones with heavy aoe attacks. For Voth as example, kill the Furiadons first, continue with Exosuits. Crowd control/knock downs are helpful for this too.
As a special stage you have the Orbital Bombardement every 10 rounds. 1-2 persons from Generator 1 or 3 have to go to the roof/3rd stage of the colony and kill the strike team there.
Every 5 rounds there is the possibility to end the simulation.

Its possible to get 2100 of EACH provision per person for beating wave 30.

Useful Kit Modules:

  • Medical Generator (from R&D, highly required once per generator, REQUIRED!! | aoe heal)
  • Photonic Barrier Generator (from Iconian Reputation, REQUIRED!! | aoe temp hp buff)
  • Neutronic Mortar (from Delta Reputation| aoe dmg)
  • Plasma Flamethrower turret (from Embassy | singletarget & aoe dmg)
  • Echo Papa Drone (Exchange/Lockbox | singletarget & aoe dmg)
  • Seeker Drone (R&D | single target dmg)
  • Explosive Drone (Exchange/Lockbox | single target & aoe dmg)
  • Chroniton Mines (R&D | aoe dmg)
  • Sabotage (Exchange/Loxkbox | weapon disable & dmg vs non living targets like mortars)


  • Motivation (Exchange/Lockbox | team dmg buff & heal)
  • Rally Cry (R&D | team dmg buff & heal)
  • Ambush (R&D | damage buff)
  • Graviton Spike (Summer event |aoe dmg & crowd control)
  • Echo Papa Drone (Exchange/Lockbox | singletarget & aoe dmg)
  • Paradox Bomb (Temporal Specialization Store | crowd control & aoe dmg)
  • Gravitational Juncture (Exchange/Lockbox | crowd control)
  • Trajectory Bending (Exchange/Lockbox | dmg buff)
  • Motion Accelerator (R&D, to get faster to the Spawn at the Top every 10 waves | runspeed buff)
  • Overwatch (R&D | aoe resistance buff and debuff proc)


  • Paradox Bomb (Temporal Specialization Store | crowd control & aoe dmg)
  • Gravitational Juncture (Exchange/Lockbox | crowd control)
  • Cold Fusion Flash (Exchange/Lockbox | aoe dmg)
  • Exothermic or Endothermic Induction Field (R&D or Summer Event | aoe dmg)
  • Seimsmic Agitation Field (Summer Event | aoe dmg and crowd control)
  • Chronomatic Diffusion Field (Temporal Reputation | aoe dmg)

Useful devices:

  • Large Kit Overbooster (R&D | Kit performance buff)
  • Large Hypo
  • Nukara Reinforcements – Elite Reprogrammed Drones (Nukara Reputation, useable out of inventory | additional pets, damage, crowd control)
  • Gambling Device (Lobi | crth&crtd buff, 1h duration)
  • Powerboard (Summer event, in case you need to switch position fast)
  • Frequency Remodulator (Replicator | against borg)
  • Shard of Possibilities (featured epsiode replay, crowd control)

Example Builds:

28 comments to Colony Defense Simulation

  • weaselone  says:

    Any particular reason why the Iconian armor and weapon are being used for the Engineer? Is it just for the HP and root/stun resistance at low health?

    • felisean  says:

      i found some more hp useful for higher waves, you just dont get oneshootet that easily

  • whicky1978  says:

    So the risa board works on the water 😦

    Why does the medical generatir need fo come from the R&D store? Wouldn’t the Undine one work?

  • whicky1978  says:

    Can the teams be cross faction?

  • whicky1978  says:

    Electromagnetic field and Sompek lighting is a good combo for aoe if the eniemies will get close together.

    • whicky1978  says:

      Sompek has a slow cooldown so too skow for Colony

  • whicky1978  says:

    Hover board can be used to slide over from 4 to 3 , over the narrow part of the land strip.

  • whicky1978  says:

    How do you repair the generators?

    • peterconnorfirst  says:

      Look in feli’s guide, those two do the trick perfectly.:)

      • Medical Generator (from R&D, highly required once per generator, REQUIRED!! | aoe heal)
      • Photonic Barrier Generator (from Iconian Reputation, REQUIRED!! | aoe temp hp buff)

      So far my fleet mates and I had no trouble to lead peeps to level 25 of the simulation by dispatching one of our engineers with those modules to every generator. Only level 30 is a bit tough for casual groups. For an elite premade (or at least 3-4 good players per team) the whole thing does not pose an obstacle.

      All generator locations seem to have 3 random spawn positions of mortars. In the runs I did so far they posed the greatest threat so hunting them done should be high on the priority list.

  • whicky1978  says:

    The security officer seems to indicate the generaters can be fixed when they light up, when enemies are near. Do you know how this is done?

    • felisean  says:

      yes with normal heal abilities like medical generator from an eng.

  • whicky1978  says:

    Gotcha, I guess its immune in between. Does quick fix also work? I have putting a support drone on the generator.

    • felisean  says:

      havent tried that, bc the medical generator will heal it for 100 or more per second.

  • whicky1978  says:

    I will have to try medical tricorder has well.

  • Pepperman  says:

    Thanks for posting this up. Very good information and I appreciate your time, effort and willingness to share it.

    • felisean  says:

      always a pleasure 🙂

  • whicky1978  says:

    I got the medical generator ffrom the r&d fleet store. I orginaly thought it needed to be crafted. The stats for healing and damage resistance are slightly better than the 8472 nanite medical generator. I’ve been eager to use my Nomad drone too 😊

  • Decebal  says:

    As far as i know Photonic Barrier Generator will add a shield to the generator and temp hp to everthing alse.

    • felisean  says:

      Its a temp hp buff to the generator too, it just look like shields 😉

  • obione69  says:

    be warned using the echo papa drone, its bugged since the start and it disabled your ability to run.

    and lets be frank, the only one that needs a specialized build for this are engineers. everyone else can just run standard, although i recommend a sci bring at least 1 healing ability for the shield gen eg, vascular regen or medical tricorder.

    the engineers can also use a force field dome which adds a nice resistance buff and use a quatermaster doff to add a resistance buff for cover shield.

    i also recommend engineers carry the kit module “sabotage”, its cheap to buy and if you get a voth spawn at wave 25, you can equip it which has an aoe weapon disable. most strong teams can just power through them but many will struggle at the final wave for voth.

    all in all the colony invasion is super easy, the only slightly difficult waves are the final 2. so ensure team buffs like strike team, security beam down etc. are off cooldown for the final wave.

    • felisean  says:

      but i like the echo papa drone (since you dont need to run beside 1 per team (hunt the mortar) and 1-2 additional on the map to hunt for the orbital strike) because its there for 60 seconds and doing dmg 🙂

      but yes, sabotage could be pretty great 🙂

      • obione69  says:

        “but i like the echo papa drone” and i like bacon and deep fried chicken. but i know when its bad for my health :p

  • whicky1978  says:

    I cant help myself 😆

    “Whoever you are, wherever you’re from, greetings! Welcome to Minos, the Arsenal of Freedom.

    If you need a little something “special,” be it for one target, or multiple targets, we got it, you’ll see it, here on Minos, where we live by the motto, “Peace through superior firepower.”

    To be totally armed is to be totally secure!

    Once unleashed, the unit is invincible. The perfect killing system. “

  • tharsonius42  says:

    Protomatter Drone also heals the generator. Not sure if really needed if both medical and photonic are running but it works (can’t stick it to the generator though, so you must stay close to it).

    Hammer and Anvil is also a nice as it’s a rather large team wide buff.

    • felisean  says:

      yea its defnitly a possibility. but its way weaker than the med gen (100 hps med gen vs 38 hps protomatter drone) so i would always prefere the med gen.

  • whicky1978  says:

    I would Think quickfix would be more effective than medical tricorder. Sometimes you need to give a big boost because your buff generators broke.

  • whicky1978  says:

    Medical tricorder worke. 4 second cool, 698 hitpoints,
    +50 damage resistance rating. Required almost constant attention. Made it to level 25. Between me and the Engineer we kept our Generator near 100%

  • Ghost  says:

    Combo Paradox Bomb and Neutronic Grenade is crazy, tested and it works

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