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Colony Defense Simulation

Hello everyone,

here are some informations about the new Dranuur Colony Defense Simulation. You could start the simulation (Security Officer, next to the spawnpoint) with a T1 fleet or higher. You need 3 provisions to start the simulation. This simulation is a great way to earn provisions for each tier to upgrade the Colony Holding.

Teams (and yes, team up per generator to get teamwide buffs like rally cry, tactical proficiency and so on):
1x Eng per Team (REQUIRED if you want it easy going, check the build at the end of the post)
2-3x Tac per Team
1-2x Sci per Team
Our prefered Team setting is mentioned at the end of the post.

The simulation:
*attention* There is only a maximum of 20 people allowed to be on the map. Otherwise the simulation will stop with the next break point. *atten...

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