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Hello communinty,

with Star Trek Online’s Season 11.5 the skillrevamp went live!

We’ve here suggestions for the new skilltree.

At first a suggestion for a character on romulan side:


(>>on STO-Academy’s Skillplanner<<)

And here is a suggestion for a character on federation or kdf side:

(>>on STO-Academy’s Skillplanner<<)

By using one of these skilltrees you will get some passive unlocks. You can chose them in the progression bar at the bottom of skilltree.
You’ll get two engineering unlocks, choose “Battery Expertise” and “Maximun Hull Capacity”.You’ll get one science unlock, you can choose there what you want more “Sector Space Travel Speed” or “Transwarp Cooldown Reductions”.
You’ll get all four tactical unlocks, you should choose “Hangar Weaponry”, “Projectile Critical Chance”,  “Energy Critical Chance” and “Accuracy”.

Furthermore the tactical ultimate ability “Focused Frenzy” will be unlocked and all three enhancements of it. Make sure to choose them. “Focused Frenzy” is a really strong ability. In ISA it can be used on the transformers, the gateway and the tactical cube. A team should coordinate the usage of it.

This is a suggestion for ground skilltree:


(if you want to see this on the STO-Academy’s Skillplanner, it is inclued in the links above)

It is possible to choose passive unlocks here, too.
Some of them are only allowing you to craft training manuals others will improve the character’s performance on ground.
Feel free to decide which training manuals you want to be able to craft. From the unlocks which are improving the performance the following ones should be choosen:
“Device Expertise”, “Improved Aim”, if you play melee choose “Fatal Fists”, if you don’t play melee you can decide if you want “Furious Footwork” instead of it, “Improved Flank Damage” and “Offensive Mastery”.

Take a look at this little breakdown about the different skillpoints and how to customize it.

If there are questions left let us know!


Your DPS-League Admin Team


Note: This might be a subject to change!

27 comments to Skilltree – suggestion

  • Sean 'Qwii' Wawrzusin  says:

    The skill planner links above are leading me to the same build no matter if I click the Romulan link or the one under the proposed Fed/KDF build. Just thought you should know this

    • Profile photo of felisean felisean  says:

      thx for letting us know, it should be fixed 🙂

  • jeremy  says:

    The above two suggested skill tree builds are the same. look at the pictures above.

    • Profile photo of holofrog holofrog  says:


      there is a small difference between both skilltrees: The romulan skilltree does not have a point in shield restoration, the other one has.

      Best regards


  • KickingKDF  says:


    do you have any skill tree suggestions for hybrids or torpedo boats?
    Best regards

    • Profile photo of felisean felisean  says:


      the skill trees for a torp boat are quite equal, just swap points from energy weapon training (or better defense maneuvering) to projectile weapon training.

      hybrid builds in general arent that good, bc focused frenzy is just ridiculous strong for every build, since you get a maximum of +40% flat all dmg (that include torps, sci abilities etc) and no top the cd reduction for BO abilities. another thing is, that most of the tac skills are just better than the sci/eng ones.
      In general you could move around some points (like the ones from bonus power as example) and put them into more defensive stuff.

      If you want to talk a bit more about a skilltree you wanna use yourself just ask one of us ingame.

    • whicky1978  says:

      I opted to put points in torps on my romulan instead of pets.

      • Profile photo of felisean felisean  says:

        Hi whickey,

        the points in pets are just awesome, because they dont buff only your pets (like fleet support, hangar pets etc) they buff all your TEAMMATES too. These 3 points are just ridiculous strong when you’re in a team enviroment.
        to get points for torpedos it would be way better to take points out of maneuvering (the +% defense thing) or the targeting tac skill (the +%accuracy thing). so as example i would take 2 points out of the defense skill and 1 point out of accuracy if you want 3 points in torpedos.

        • whicky1978  says:

          I did not know it helps team mates. I plan to revamp. This would also be important for team pvp.

  • jeremy  says:

    My apologies.I didn’t notice that point. lol. sorry. What about spending points in part gens? Would that be worth it? I sometimes run torps with my Rom tac.

    • Profile photo of felisean felisean  says:

      Yes you could spend points into torps too. the best way to do it is to take them from defensive maneuvering and reduce that by 2 points and put these 2 points into improved projectile weapons.

      And points in part gen are good too, 2 points a perfectly viable if you’re using skills like feedback pulse which are affected by that skill.

  • whicky1978  says:

    I used all my ground points in weapons and kits since Commando specialization gives me shield and armor protection

    • Profile photo of markus1566 markus1566  says:

      The Armor Skill also increases the additional Bonuses on Armor like CrtD, CrtH or Energy Damage, which is why we suggest skilling that.

      • whicky1978  says:

        I did not think about that. Which armor would this apply to?

        • Profile photo of Hellspawny Hellspawny  says:

          All that give CrtH and CrtD or Ene. Like
          Solanae Sentinel Environmental Suit
          Herald Tactical Combat Armor
          Advanced Fleet w/ CrtD

  • whicky1978  says:

    I would like to see a dps build for EPS Corruption/Egineering build

    • Profile photo of felisean felisean  says:

      The Problem is, that there isnt really a DPS Build with full Engineering. DPS wise you would sacrifice a lot of good skills to gain close to nothing from the eng part of the skilltree. mostly all good skills are covered right now from the tac focused skill tree.

  • Tiberius183  says:

    How effective would these builds be for PVP? If you were to respec for PVP,what would you change?

    • whicky1978  says:

      Ive did an eng build with one toon for fun. I have about 33% energy resistance without eng consoles and higher power levels. I finf I can fill my eng consoles up with universal consoles. Ive got 24K in ISA but could probbaly hit 30k.

  • Hunk_Reaper79  says:

    I See there are no build for the Engineering or other wise Tank build.

    • Profile photo of felisean felisean  says:

      The skilltree is optimized for dps purposes, but especially in team enviroments with other people using this skilltree and the fleet research lab buff the build is pretty tanky 🙂

      we might add a sci build in the future, but right now, a full specced eng tree is pretty much the weakest you could fly atm.

  • Hunk_Reaper79  says:

    has anyone thought of a make a Tactical Cruiser Build or would the tactical work on a Cruiser?

    • Profile photo of felisean felisean  says:

      The tactical skilltree works pretty well on a cruiser. 🙂

  • hintzsche  says:

    arent Canons projectile weapons ?

    • Profile photo of felisean felisean  says:

      No, cannons are energy weapons. Projectile weapons are torpedos and mines.

  • Chubble  says:

    @Felisean is this also advisable whilst levelling a toon? Thanks

    • Profile photo of felisean felisean  says:

      i’m used that the last time i leveld toons, first is to put points into energy weapon dmg, if you wanna continue to use a torpedo put one point there too (remove 1 point from defense) and than go on 🙂
      sometimes the skilltree varies a litte little bit depending on what you’re planing on doing since some points are good to move around (especially the energy points in eng at the end)

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