Breen Chel Boalg Warship

(Screenshot by @ccritter, Winner of our Screenshot Contest)

Hello everyone!

Here are our suggestions for the free and awesome Breen Chel Boalg Warship from the Winterevent 2016! Its one of the strongest (free) ships around in Star Trek Online. Enjoy!

If there are any questions, feel free to ask us here or ingame!


As for all builds, the skilltree/ship build works for all professions and factions!

10 comments to Breen Chel Boalg Warship

  • benan81  says:

    Hello guys. Very nice that you also make discount builds! But i ask myself: why do you recomend Tetryonbeams for the discount builds? Is it because they (and the tac consoles) are so cheap or is there any other reason for it? Greatings and thanks. Ben

    • felisean  says:

      basically because they are cheap and because you will get an ability equal to tetryon cascade from nukara rep t5 from the 3 piece set “temporal krenim manipulation”. Another cheap way would be to use ap weapons + obelisk warpcore/ancient omni beam.

  • Emphatic  says:

    Any chance of a Romulan version of these builds?

  • Emphatic  says:

    Also if you could let me know what a Romulan would use if they didnt have the science ship trait or the timeline stablizer, currently i’m using assimilated module with KCB, also would you still run Feedback pulse on a -th build? currently I have science team, subspace vortex and gravity well.

    • felisean  says:

      its the same for a romulan 🙂

      if you dont have fbp trait => improved critical systems, in case you dont have that one => target rich enviroment or unconventional tactics

      with -th consoles you dont really need fbp, use gw instead of it.

  • Rykus83  says:

    I dont know were to ask this but does anyone have a build suggestion for the Breen Plesh Tral Heavy Raider [T6] this year Winter event Ship.

    • Hellspawny  says:

      First off, the Breen Raider is quite underwhelming compared to i.e. the Miradorn or Baltim. The 4/2 layout lacks the 5th forward weapon. Anyway, I’d go (Disruptor) DHCs and Aux2Bat to utilize Cold Hearted.

    • whicky1978  says:

      You might be able to apply Conners NX Canon build to the raider or any raider or escort build listed on this site. The breen set is not optimal but could be used. I like the hypercooled set and have 3 of the four pieces. I do best with the Warship and Carrier.

  • Rykus83  says:

    Would getting the breen absolute zero set be of any benefit?

    • Hellspawny  says:

      Absolutely not. It’s one of the worst sets in the game and won’t give any benefit to meta builds. Just the engine is good for space barbie.

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