Skillpoints – little breakdown

Our recommended skilltree can be found here.

This little breakdown provides an overview about the different skillpoints and how you can customize our recommended skilltrees.

46 skillpoints are available. It is necessary to spend 27 points in tactic to get the tactical ultimate ability and it’s necessary to spend 3 points in “Long-Range Targeting Sensors”.
Because of that 30 points out of 46 points are already allocated and 16 points are left.


  • Hull Restoration (2 points)
    Every ship is using some kind of hull heal e.g. Hazard Emitter,
  • Hull Capacity (0-1 points)
    Tacticals focused on DPS should avoid that skill because it’s harder to get a 0% gdf with more hull capacity. Other careers can spend a point there,
  • Electro Plasma System Flow (2 points)
    Very important. It’s necessary to spend two points there,
  • Full Impulse Energy Shunt (0 points)
    Based on the old driver coil skill. There are better skills available,
  • Impulse Expertise (1-2 points)
    Speed and turnrate are important. One point is nice, two are better,
  • Hull Plating (0-1 points)
    High-end: Not needed. There is the combat performance fleet boost,
    Mid-/low-end: it should be considered to spend a point there,
    Don’t bother to spend a point in “Energized Hull Plating” or “Ablative Hull Plating”,
  • Damage Control (0 points)
  • Defensive und Offensive Subsystem Tuning (1 point each)
    Energy is always important,
  • Shield / Auxiliary / Weapon / Engine Performance (0-1 points)
    It’s hard to say if a point should be spent there. It could be considered on a Warbird, even if it isn’t needed there. Other factors are plasmonic leech, core, nandi trait, energy siphon etc,
  • Warp Core Potential (2 points)
    2 points should definetly be spent there. All subsystems are benefiting from that,
  • Warp Core Efficiency (0-1 points)
    Warbirds are profiting more form that than other ships. They should spent a point there, others could,
  • Engineering Readiness (0-1 points)
    In general it’s not recommend to spend a point there. If you are flying a cruiser without expensive krenim bridge officers or cooldown reduction duty officers, you can think about to spend a point there. But there is still the problem that you are not really having enough points for that and “Frenzied Reactions” (from tac ultimate ability) is also helping to reduce cooldowns,


  • Shield Restoration (0-2 points)
    Warbirds are having the valdore console. All others can spent a point there. Two points are only making sense for supporters (e.g. for extend shields),
  • Shield Capacity (0-2 points)
    Borg are draining shields empty quickly. Not that important for non warbirds,
  • Control Expertise (0 points)
    Spending points there is only interesting for supporters,
  • Control Amplification (0 points)
    Spending points here is only interesting for supporters with active controll abilies,
  • Drain Expertise (2 points)
    Really important for plasmonic leech that will save you some points in the engineering part,
  • Drain Infection (1 point)
    Recommended for high DPS builds using drain abilities,
  • Shield Regeneration (0 points)
    Shield regeneration has always been pretty low. It’s pointless to spend a point here,
  • Shield Hardness (0 points)
    Quite useless against Borg and there are better skills available,
  • Exotic Particle Generator (1-2 points)
    Important for exotic damage abilities. The benefit from the third point is quite low.
  • Long Range Scanner (3 points)
    Really important. You lose less damage if you are farther away from the enemy,
  • Scientific Readiness (0 points)
    With “All Hands on Deck” it isn’t needed. For everyone else it is luxury. “Frenzied Reactions” (from tac ultimate ability) is also helping to reduce cooldowns. Furthermore a deflector with [SciCdr] does the same like a skillpoint in “Scientific Readiness”,


It’s not necessary to list every tactical point here, because you need most of them anyways for the tactical ultimate ability.

  • Coordination Protocols (3 points)
    On the first look only interesting for carriers. But it’s defense and offense part are teamwide and they add teamwide. Because of that it is a must-have.
  • Tactical Readiness (0-3 points)
    Here you need to ask yourself if you want potentially to fly with a torpedo. If you want to do that spend those three points in torpedos and not in here.

Please remember that you need 27 points in tactical for the ultimate ability and unlocks.

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