Winters System Series

Greetings, Admirals!


This series is a complete walkthrough of every major system in Star Trek Online. Reputation System, Duty Officer System, Admiralty System, Research and Development, Fleets, Upgrading and Re-Engineering etc.  Every player, new and veteran, will find this series a valuable source of information, tips and tricks. You may even learn something new!



  1. Earth Space Dock [ESD] Tour
  2. Qo’nos Tour
  3. New Romulus Command Center Tour
  4. Deep Space 9 [DS9] Tour
  5. Intro into Fleets
  6. Intro into Duty Officer System
  7. Intro into Crafting [R&D]
  8. Intro into Skill Trees
  9. Intro into Dilithium Mining
  10. Intro into Reputation System
  11. Intro into Specialization System
  12. Intro into Admiralty System
  13. Intro into Upgrading & Re-Engineering
  14. Advanced Guide into Duty Officer System
  15. Intro into Endeavor System
  16. Intro into Tour The Galaxy
  17. 50% Vendor Locations
  18. Fleet Management



Earth Space Dock [ESD] Tour


Qo’nos Tour


New Romulus Command Center Tour


Deep Space 9 [DS9] Tour


Intro into Fleets


Intro into Duty Officer System


Intro into Crafting [R&D]


Intro into Skill Trees


Intro into Dilithium Mining


Intro into Reputation System


Intro into Specialization System


Intro into Admiralty System


Intro into Upgrading & Re-Engineering


Advanced Guide into Duty Officer System


Intro into Endeavor System


Intro into Tour The Galaxy


50% Vendor Locations


Fleet Management

My sincere apologies for the audio quality in this episode. I didn’t realize until after I had recorded it that I was using my webcam microphone.



I would like to thank everyone who has treked out this series and I hope that you have found the information contained within, useful. I welcome any and all comments, feedback etc. I am only starting out with my YouTube channel so I’m sure there is a LOT that I have left to learn. The feedback so far has been mainly positive but I welcome criticism,  good and bad. If you have liked what you have seen here then please do follow my YouTube channel. I have a lot of plans for more STO related content which I will be releasing over time. Finally, I would like to thank Felisean for giving me this opportunity to include some of my content on the DPS League website. Doing so will hopefully increase the audience that can learn from the content and ultimately help players in Star Trek Online.


3 comments to Winters System Series

  • Casualsto  says:

    This is amazing work!

    • Winters 83  says:

      Hey Casualsto,

      Thank you so much for the kind words! I really do appreciate it and I hope you find the information useful. Again, thanks a million for your support! 🙂


  • Nicki  says:

    These are the best STO videos out there. Everything I’ve learned has been from Winters, and it has really made a huge difference. I love how he has so many different types of videos, like the system series, build series, Let’s play series, etc. He gives so much detail and explains everything so well. These videos help everyone from beginners to veterans of the game. I’d be lost without them. I’m always excited for the next video to come out too. Thank you for all your hard work and time you put in to making these videos Winters!

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