Binary Circuit Breakdown by Dangp1

Hello everyone,

today we got a small introduction into the Binary Circuit Queue. It’s written by @dangp1 and we would like to thank him for writing it!
And here is the guide for you, enjoy:

With the personal endeavor system having a “complete competetive queues” objective and the fastest one being binary circus. Yes it should be circuits but some have taken to calling it circus due to it being full of clowns. It was suggested a rough guide be written so here goes.

How to improve at BCx.

First of all binary circus is not like most TFO’s in that it isn’t a mindless spacebar mashing map, a different aproach is required. TEAMWORK and SPEED is more important.

BCx is a RACE between two groups of 5, the map can be broken down into six sections, thee sections are puzzle sections, three are shooty sections.
When in a puzzle section concentrate on the puzzle, speed is the key, there is absolutely no need to fire your weapon.

The first puzzle is three sections of a hidden path that can be revealed by the use of a console at the start of each section.
There are thee possible paths for each section most have parts that can be cut out by jumping. you can jump over 2 squares.
Activate the console then look at the path see what can be jumped or which bits can be crossed in a straight line you can keep moving over the path even if it isnt lit up

I would recommend controling your captain by holding the right mouse button down and using the mouse to stear this allows a more precise control.

The first shooty bit comes in the room after the first puzzle, target the biggest enemy hit it with paradox bomb or gravitational juncture to pull all the enemies together then hit the lot with aoe abilities.

The second puzzle is a maze with three walls with 3 possible exits and big blue balls of death rolling between them.
try to avoid the blue balls but dont loose time waiting as long as you have the paradox corrector or the instant revive consumables from the competetive rep you can revive yourself.
sometimes its faster to die and revive than to respawn. once you have located the correct exit for each section call out its position from the entrance, left middle or right this allows the team to progress faster. DO NOT use any control abilities or science modules like exothermic induction these will cause the blue balls to stop or to randomize their paths costing a lot of time,

The second shooty bit comes after the second puzzle but has a higher ranked enemy. Repeat tactics for the first shooty bit.

The third puzzle is a tunnel with four rotating sections. the solution of this puzzle requires using two consoles each side to rotate the sections so that the blue stripe is on the left side and the yellow is on the right side.

The third shooty bit is at the end, kill a final group to gain access to the console that summons the three bosses. again pull them together then aoe everything first group to kill 3 bosses and their borg escorts wins.

Some kit modules that can be very effective in BCx include:

  • paradox bomb / gravitational juncture
  • prottomatter deployment munition / polaron bombardment / harmonic resonance device
  • chroniton mines / cloaked mines / transphasic bomb
  • endothermic induction / cold fusion flash

Plenty of others will work but please do not use radiation gateway as it sucks and can push the borg into walls making them untargetable.


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