New Seasonal Table and CLR Patchnotes 1405

Hello everyone,

with the start of Rise of Discovery we introduce a new seasonal table for ISA and HSE, the ISA RoD and HSE RoD table. All your old records from ISA S15 and HSE S15 are still there, but there will be no upload into this league anymore.
Uploads to the new table are possible from tomorrow (05/15/2019).

In addition, we’re releasing a a new version for our parsing program.
here are the Patchnotes:

V1.4.0.5 (14.05.2019)

  • Improved Eng Captain detection for space. Don’t forget to use your Rotate Shield Frequency!
  • Added Map Detection for several queues:
    • Battle at Binary Stars
    • Peril over Pahvo
    • Pahvo Dissention
  • Detection for Overwhelm Emitters

If there are any problems with the upload and downloads,  please comment below or contact us via discord or ingame.



your sto-league admin team

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