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Download the WDC:
Season 11.5: <<Download>>
Season 11: <<Download>>
*** You’ll have to download it, otherwise it won’t work. ***


This small Excel spreadsheet
– helps you to find the best weapon modifiers for your current build in PvE and PvP
– let’s you test different consoles, sets, upgrades in theory before you spend your hard earned Dilithium, Lobis and ECs.
– gives you insights into the game’s calculation methods

How to use

1. Enter your current configuration

Use the light-colored cells in row 5 and 7 and columns E, F, G to enter your current weapon, energy levels, traits, bridgeofficers, consoles and set bonusses.

Most cells have a drop down list or a short description.

Compare the values in row 83 (Total Damage) with your actual numbers in space (i.e. ESD).

Hints and warnings:
– If you’ve double checked your equipment and the numbers still don’t match, adjust the weapon power in the spreadsheet. The values for your energy systems in the HUD are rounded down, so 121 could be 121.875.
– boosts from DOFF missions aren’t fully implemented yet.
– bridge officer and captain skills are still work in progress

2. Copy the configuration with the “Copy Reference” button.

Your current DPS values (N143-Nxxx) will be copied into column P.

If you change your setup, the difference in percent will be calculated in column Q.

3. Advanced calculations

This spreadsheet calculates the effects of critical hits and accuracy overflow. You may modify the target’s defence in G93 to match the values seen in PvP (80-120%). Or just turn of the overflow method in H89 (set to 2).

[Pen] is handled as a total damage bonus with 5 as a default. This may be correct for unshielded targets but is obviously too high vs. shielded ones. Anyway, [Pen] adds a debuff to the target (for you and your teammates) making it fairly desirably, even if the raw damage of the weapon might be lower in comparison to a similar one with an additional [CrtD] mod.

You may also add several damage buffs from bridge officer or captain’s abilities. Use the Toggle Skill choice to activate it (Row 129).

4. Compare the results

Rows 143-xxx list almost all different combinations for weapons of the same Mk level you set in cell G8. I did not include [Pen] for very or ultra rare weapons, but if there is a certain interest for them I’ll update the list. I did not include any other crafting mod (the effects of [Over] or [Rapid] are too complicated to calculate).

Anyway, the results are colored red if the weapon deals less and green if it deals more damage than the current one selected in row 7. There’s also a rank (column O)and the difference vs. the current weapon (column S). Columns P and Q show the the copied values and the actual difference vs. that value.

The sheet in the tab Compare sorts the different weapons by DPS.


Please check the Infos tab for further information like release notes and how to get in contact to report bugs etc. I really appreciate any help to improve the WDC.

– The Weapon Damage Calculator is (and probably will always be) work in progress.
– Since STO does not provide the formulas used for damage calculations most of the stuff used in the spreadsheet is the result of reverse engineering.
– I don’t own all consoles and sets so some values are taken from STOWIKI or ingame tooltips.
– Please remember that any DPS value calculated by this tool is a theoretical (raw) value. Every shot fired is actually modified by the distance to the target, resists, debuffs and buffs. Equipment also has some “soft” features, i.e. an Ancient Obelisk core will add more raw DPS than a spire core. But the spire core will reduce energy drain and thus improve your ship’s performance.
– there may be some copy/paste errors


Have fun!

6 comments to Weapon Damage Calculator

  • Profile photo of Hellspawny Hellspawny  says:

    New Season 10.5 version avaiable:

  • DeaconForest  says:

    Simple question: if I have unlimited resources and try to max out DPS for a fed tactical captain. What modifiers would I want on my antiproton DBB’s? Thanks in advance for your help!

  • Profile photo of Hellspawny Hellspawny  says:

    [Ac/Dm] [CrtD]x3 [Pen] should be the best modifier. Your CrtH rate should be high enough. But any combination of [CrtD] and [Dmg] plus [Pen] is good enough for high-end DPS.

  • Profile photo of Hellspawny Hellspawny  says:

    I’ve just uploaded a new version as a christmas present for the community. You may calculate your weapon’s DPS with active buffs like attack patterns and traits.

  • Profile photo of Hellspawny Hellspawny  says:

    Version 2.22e released. More consoles, sets and bugfixes. I really appreciate any feedback.

  • Profile photo of Hellspawny Hellspawny  says:

    WDC for Season 11.5 released.

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