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Weapon Damage Calculator

Download the WDC:
Season 13.5: <<Download>>
*** You’ll have to download it, otherwise it won’t work. ***


This small Excel spreadsheet
– helps you to find the best weapon modifiers for your current build in PvE and PvP
– let’s you test different consoles, sets, upgrades in theory before you spend your hard earned Dilithium, Lobis and ECs.
– gives you insights into the game’s calculation methods

How to use

1. Enter your current configuration

Use the light-colored cells in row 5 and 7 and columns E, F, G to enter your current weapon, energy levels, traits, bridgeofficers, consoles and set bonusses.

Most cells have a drop down list or a short description.

Compare the values in row 106 (Total Damage) with your actual numbers in space (i.e. ESD).

Hints and warnings:
– If y...

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