DPS 30/30-Challenge – additional prizes

The DPS 30/30-Challenge is now out for one week! 126 people have accepted the Challenge and 38 have already reached their goal.

Here are some additional prizes (current value of about 500 million Energy Credits):

[Special Requisition Pack – Hazari Destroyer [T6]],
[Special Requisition Pack – Tholian Recluse Carrier],
[Genetic Resequencer – Space Trait: Intense Focus],
[Graga Mal] (FED),
10x [Master Key],
10x [Research & Development Pack],
(very rare) Energy Weapons Officer – [Space] Chance for stacking Crit Chance buff on firing Energy Weapons (FED),
100x [Superior Beam Weapons Tech Upgrade],
[Genetic Resequencer – Space Trait: Positive Feedback Loop],
[Genetic Resequencer – Ground Trait: Vicious]

The additional prizes are added regarding the list of prizes, so check it out.


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