DPS 30/30-Challenge

The DPS 30/30-Challenge is nice challenge with a contest. The prizes have a current value of about 2.5 billion Energy Credits!

Conditions of participation:

1 Please leave your ingame @ handle as a comment or enter it in this thread. If your character is called John@Doe, leave @ Doe as a comment or write it in the forums thread.
2 You need to parse an Infected Space Advanced (ISA) with the CombatLogReader (CLR) and upload the parse to the DPS-League Table.
3 You have to reach 30.000 DPS for the first time or , if you are already over 30.000 DPS, you have to increase your
current record by 30%. Only the highest record of your account counts!

A player without an entry in the League Table needs to do 30.000 DPS or more.
A player with an entry in the League Table below 30.000 DPS needs to do 30.000 DPS or more.
A player with an entry of 42.000 DPS needs to do 30% more, he needs to add 12.600 DPS to his record, 54.600 DPS is his goal.
A player with an entry 100.000 DPS need to do 30% more, he needs to add 30.000 DPS to his record, 130.000 DPS is his goal.

Deadline is the server maintenance on 24th September 2015.

The winners will be determined with the help of a random generator. All participants have the chance to win!


1) [Special Requisition Pack – Krenim Annorax Science Dreadnought [T6]]
2) [Special Requisition Choice Pack – Elachi Sheshar Dreadnought Cruiser]
3) [Genetic Resequencer – Space Trait: Inspirational Leader]
4) [Special Requisition Pack – Hazari Destroyer [T6]]
5) [Special Requisition Pack – Vaadwaur Astika Heavy Battlecruiser [T6]]
6) [Special Requisition Pack – Tholian Recluse Carrier]
7) [Genetic Resequencer – Space Trait: Fluidic Coccoon]
8) [Console Pack – Ionized Gas Sensor / Plasmonic Leech]
9) [Zemok Jenro] (FED)
10) [Genetic Resequencer – Space Trait: Intense Focus]
11) [Graga Mal] (FED)
12) [Starship Trait: Attack Pattern Delta Prime]
13) 10x [Master Key]
14) 10x [Research & Development Pack]
15) (very rare) Energy Weapons Officer – [Space] Chance for stacking Crit Chance buff on firing Energy Weapons (FED)
16) [Genetic Resequencer – Space Trait: Helmsman]
17) 100x [Superior Beam Weapons Tech Upgrade]
18) [Genetic Resequencer – Space Trait: Anchored]
19) [Genetic Resequencer – Space Trait: Positive Feedback Loop]
20) [Genetic Resequencer – Ground Trait: Vicious]

The winners will get their prizes per in-game mail soon after the Deadline ends.

Not allowed to participate are members of the DPS-League Adminteam.
No cash disbursement is possible, recourse to the courts is not permitted.

Special thanks to Markus1566, Hellspawny, Omegashoker, Eragon1392 and Felisean for their support.

Good Luck and have fun!


A full list of all Participants and their goals can be found here:




41 comments to DPS 30/30-Challenge

  • Warren  says:

    @captaintorrence current highest dps is 68,041.2 goal is 88,453.56

  • Darmok  says:


    handle is @blackbeltdarmok

  • Gnarf  says:


    Current highest dps is 66,111.12
    goal is 85,944.46

  • Christian  says:

    Goal is 30K

  • Shindor  says:

    Goal is 30k

  • Bone1970  says:

    so can i enter this with all my toons ??

    • holofrog  says:

      It is accountwide and only the highest record of your account counts, but it doesn’t matter with which toon you are going to top your record. 🙂
      Your record is 83796.3 DPS, so your goal is 108935,19 DPS.

  • Warren  says:

    I reached my goal and exceeded…plan to do more 😛

  • John  says:

    Ingame handle @shu14kai

  • Rikisto  says:

    Im in, my handle is @rikisto
    Good luck all.

  • twillenb  says:

    Ingame handle is @twillenb.

  • nanando999  says:

    @nanando999 i like for join event

  • Jessi  says:

    Ingame handle @DestinyOne

  • Pat  says:


    My ID for the Event..thanks

    GOOD LUCK !!!

  • Morgan West  says:

    Ingame handle @Protector, Previous DPS: 62.5k, newly uploaded DPS: 86.6k Parse at dropbox link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/19764031/posted/Infected-86.8k.log

  • Krzysiek  says:

    Ingame handle is @krzysiek4fan2

  • Pat  says:

    hey,i have a error ID,sorry HOLO!!

    IT’s just


    i have 63.182.46 dps

    (ps:delete the other,thanks)

    • holofrog  says:

      No worries, I changed it.

      • Pat  says:

        can you update the DPS table please
        for me it’s 90.8k updated on the parser,so please do it to in the
        table!^^!Thanks HOLO

        Same for a friend :>

  • sporefan3  says:

    handle is @sporefan3

  • Giotariz  says:

    @giotariz is the handle.

  • cipotto  says:

    handle is @xst4mx

    • cipotto  says:

      plz check my real record!
      My real record is 50’532,4 instead of 65692,12.

      • holofrog  says:

        Yes, 50532.4 DPS is your record, but 65692,12 is the goal you need to reach for the challenge.
        50532,4 DPS + 30% = 65692,12 DPS 🙂

        • cipotto  says:

          oh, ok Thank you

  • nlearthlychief  says:

    He guys just a returning player that did 28k DPS 5 days ago and moved up during this week! to 35k / 43k and just did 55K DPS. Im still working on my build and have still lots of things to improve ty


  • Warren  says:

    I uploaded my parses to complete my goal and I haven’t seen my goal updated as achieved on the excel sheet

    • holofrog  says:


      can you upload your parse again? I can’t see it in the League Table yet.

      Best regards

      • Warren  says:

        Uploaded wit ha link to a copy of the parse

        • holofrog  says:

          Got it.

          And congratz, from 68k to 117k 🙂

          • Warren  says:

            In an odyssey no less 😛 thank you !!

  • pat  says:

    Any admin can update the 30-30 challange table please?
    @PAT2p 90.8k!

  • Pat2p  says:

    can you update my id plz

    @pat2p 90.8k
    updated in the parse,can you do same on DPS table!Ty holo

    • holofrog  says:


      don’t see your run uploaded in the league-table, yet. Maybe you can upload it again?
      And to save your log, please use the “Save Combat”-Button. The “Export”-Button does not save it as a logfile, it exports it to an excel-spreadsheet.

      Best regards

  • Pat2p  says:


    on the the combat log meter ,i m in the officiel table ,when i want to upload to the C log reader,he said me add a link to 75k player,i no anderstand,so i send you this link,i have save in a combat log reader

  • Pat2p  says:

    it’s ok,uplaoded. ^^

  • Valerio  says:


    Old DPS 40337,5
    Soon new DPS

  • bpeg  says:

    @bpeg current dps 106K and goal is 136K

    • holofrog  says:


      at the starting day, your record was at 72.910,8 DPS. So your goal was only 94.784,04 DPS. 🙂

      Best regards

  • ShAuNmAn-X  says:

    Finally made it. Good luck to everyone!!!

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