[CFT] CombatLogReader Beta Release

Hi everyone,

This time we will need your help and feedback to test a new CLR version. Below is a download link for the new Combatlogreader.jar version which we consider as a early *BETA* version. We made a lot of changes to improve the memory usage and performance. (#Note: so far there is the .jar version for testing available). Please give us some feedback below this post or ingame @miwifbsd or @Felisean.



  • Fixed memory leaks
  • Remove unused Code and Refactor some parts
  • Fixed InBoundMemory Exceptions when move Minutes between Combats to left/right
  • Rework the way Auto Refresh works to reduce the amount of memory while reading the Combatlog
  • Fix for a bug in Archive function, previously when auto reload was on and a archive file was saved, clr was reading the file again, again and again which have eaten your memory like nuts :>!


  • CombatLog size detector, when your Logfile reaches 100 Mb you will get a reminder to keep your log small.



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