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New Seasonal Table

Hello everyone,

with the start of victory is life we introduce a new seasonal table for isa, the ISA ViL table. All your old records from Season 14 are still there, but there will be no upload into this league anymore.
Based on requests, we added a new HSE ViL, enjoy guys šŸ™‚

In addition, we will publish a clr upgrade after we added a few things from victory is life.


your sto-league admin team

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Discord Server

We started our own Discord server. It’s work in progress, but feel free to join:

Please add your @Handle to your nickname when logging in.

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Winner of our Screenshot Contest Breen Heavy Raider

Hello everyone,

finaly we were able to made a decision. We needed to actually reactivate one of our older admins to get out of our decision problem šŸ˜‰

and here is our Winner:


with the following screenshot:

The screenshot will be used for our upcoming build post for the ship and the keys will be send ingame šŸ™‚

Congratulations to the winner and thanks everyone for participating. Hope you all had a lot of fun taking the screenshots.

STO-League Admin Team

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Screenshot Contest Breen Heavy Raider

Hello everyone!

We are proud to host our next Screenshot Contest! This time, it features the free ship from this years winter event .

The theme for this contest:

Breen Plesh Tral Heavy Raider

The Breen Plesh Tral Heavy Raider (or the old Breen Plesh Brek Heavy Raider) has to be on the screenshot. The rest is up to you!

Conditions of participation:

  • To participate you need to send in the screenshot link here or in the STO-Forum and we need your @handle. If your character is called [email protected], add @Doe to the comment with your entry here or at the forum.
  • Only one screenshot per person is allowed.
  • The use of photoshop or other similar programs to enhance the picture is allowed and highly appreciated.
  • Not allowed are 3d rendering programms, it still has to be a ingame screenshot!

Deadline to...

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Happy New Year!

We wish everyone a Happy New Year and all the best for the next year. We hope that everyone survived the partys without too much damageĀ  šŸ˜€
May all your dreams for the next year become true!

On a successful new Year!


Your DPS-League Admin Team

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Merry Christmas!

Greetings Captains!


We wish you all a peaceful holiday season and enjoy this time with your family!


Your DPS-League Admin Team

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Diamond is Forever Challenge Winners!

Hello everyone,

here are our winners for the Diamond is Forever Challenge. Congratulations everyone!

placeĀ #1:   @fabreth84
placeĀ #2:   @blackbeltdarmok
placeĀ #3:   @poinki
placeĀ #4:   @msniveau
placeĀ #5:   @victorbrood
placeĀ #6:   @arion08
placeĀ #7:   @XEthanolX
placeĀ #8:   @tharsonius42
placeĀ #9:   @florynasu
placeĀ #10:   @admpellaeon
placeĀ #11:   @apollo11#2533
placeĀ #12:   @Dargaraor
placeĀ #13:   @Xylakant
placeĀ #14:   @dkadenz
placeĀ #15:   @drake122svk
placeĀ #16:   @tankirl
placeĀ #17:   @syahazah
placeĀ #18:   @odtack#1429
placeĀ #19:   @siddilithium
placeĀ #20:   @gffphantomm
placeĀ #21:   @sovereign2727
placeĀ #22:   @waywrong
placeĀ #23:   @karmaplasticity
placeĀ #24:   @adjacian5
placeĀ #25:   @ddc_fireball
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Diamond is Forever Winner Draw Announcement

Hello everyone!

A total of 239 players participated and 152 people achived their goal. We hope everyone had fun during that event šŸ™‚

The winner draw will be this evening (2017/12/02 20:00 CET).
You will see the winner after that date here:


Diamond is Forever Winner Draw


We thank everyone for participating and good luck with the draw.


Your STO-League Admin Team

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DPS-Deutsch – Der deutschsprachige Channel der STO-League


Als besonderen Service fĆ¼r unsere mit dem Englischen nicht so ganz bewanderten Channelmitgliedern haben wir einen neuen Chat-Kanal gegrĆ¼ndet.

MitĀ /channel_join DPS-Deutsch kƶnnt ihr direkt beitreten.

FĆ¼r’s erste nur ein paar einfache Regeln, die eigentlich selbstverstƤndlich sein sollten:

  • Seid hƶflich zueinander und labert keinen Mist
  • keine Flottenwerbung
  • das ist kein STOGerman… bleibt also beim Thema Builds, DPS, gemeinsame Spielrunden usw.

Bei Fragen, Beschwerden u.Ƥ. wendet Euch an einen Operator oder Admin.

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STO Comic by tapper20

Hello everyone.

today i want to show you a star trek online based comic created from our channel member @tapper20. Enjoy! šŸ™‚

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