Walkthrough: ISA (left→right)

Infected: The Conduit (Advanced)

ISA is one of  the easiest and fastest of all Borg-STFs.

But that mission is used for DPS-comparison, so it’s recommended to know the tactics.


This Guide was written for a ship with B:FAW and single beams!


The goal of the mission is to stop the borg activity in the system.

There is a Gateway in the middle with two Nanite transformers, one to the left and one to the right. Above each transformer is a cube with a sphere.

At each Nanite transformer there are four Nanite generators. Destroying a Generator however, makes spheres warp in at the Transformer’s location and Nanite spheres will be dispatched from the Gateway. These Nanite Spheres will regenerate the Transformer just like the Generators did once they get into range.

If a nanite transformer gets healed by a nanite sphere, the optional objective will be lost.

At the start there is a group of Borg infront of you: A cube with four spheres. This group is not in a green forcefield, like the rest. That means, that the rest is not participating in the battle yet.

The generators heal the Transformers and the Transformers heal the Gateway.

Left to Right:

In a run, which has been formed in one of the DPS-League Channels, player coordinate their tactical fleets, intelligence fleets and the Radiant Subatomic Pulse (from the iconian 4 piece set).

The Radiant Subatomic Pulse shouldn’t be used at the start, the bonus hull from it, would not be good for a Go Down Fighting.

And people agree, if they do wait for pets (WFP) or not. WFP is done most of the time, don’t forget that pets need to be recalled and don’t die in the first group of Borg and (which is obviously more important) to guarantee that they don’t go on a rampage on their own. So when you are in the system and you launch your pets, set them on recall. They will dock at your ship. If you are on a ship with cloak, cloak your ship. If you are ready write an “r” or something that indicates you are ready into team chat. When everyone signaled that they are ready, the person who formed the instance will give the go with a small countdown like “go in 3”. If you are cloaked, decloak on that sign.

In a run over the random-queue you normally don’t have that kind of organisation. But a surprise can always happen. 🙂

First group of Borg:

To engage the enemy, you have to go for a very short moment on full impulse. After the full impuls burst is over, you have to use your Emergency power to weapons, so that your weapons energy can restore. You should start firing when your weapons energy is up to 125, to get a DMG-spike at the first group.

You shouldn’t use skills with a long cooldown here (Sensorscan, Attack Pattern Alpha, Fire on my Mark.

You should use tactical team, FAW, Emergency power to weapons and Attack Pattern Beta.

Tactical captains have to try to get a Go Down Fighting. To do that, they fly as close as possible into the center of the upcoming warpcore breach of the cube.

Remember: Less Hull => stronger Go Down Fighting!

All captains have the ability to call their fleetsupport, if their hull gets lower than 50%. A fleetsupport can be a nice boost to your DPS.

With romulan starships (or other ships with battlecloak), it’s easier to get a Go Down Fighting. Because you can cloak your ship into the core breach. Your shields can’t screw over your Go Down Fighting. It could be necessary, that you have to use the Subspace Field Modulator or otherwise, the core breach will destroy your ship.

And there is another thing, what you need to know, about getting a Go Down Fighting on a ship with battlecloak: After all Borg of the first group have been defeated, you’ll get a pop-up window, because one of you bridge officers is hailing you. Make sure, that that window is already there, when you use your cloak to get the Go Down Fighting, otherwise it’ll decloak you and you’ll have your shields up again.

A small note for a supporting player: Don’t heal a tactical captain, before he got his Go Down Fighting. To activate his Go Down Fighting, it’s necessary for him, to get his hull <50%.

That part of ISA is over now, and you fly with Evasive Maneuvers to the left side, where a cube, a sphere, a transformer and four generators are waiting for you.

Left side:

While you are flying to the left side, you can destroy the first generator without FAW. On top of the transformer is a small tube. You’re heading to a position a bit beneath that tube.

You can set your pets to attack at this part of the mission.

Besides Tactical Team and Emergency Power to Weapons, you can use your abilities with longer cooldowns. Now is time to use Attack Pattern Alpha, Attack Pattern Omega, FAW, DEM, your science ability to trigger the starship trait Greedy Emitters and you can use Fire on my Mark on the Transformer. Ships with sensor analysis can use that on the transformer too.

While the generators are destroyed some additional spheres are going to spawn.

While attacking the nanite transformer and the other NPCs around, you can turn your ship, so that it’s facing into the direction of the gateway. Remember that the warpcore breach of the cube could kill you, so be careful about that. Use Brace for Impact in case you are too close to the explosion.

After all enemies on the left side are destroyed you can fly towards the incoming sphere spawn. Use Deuterium Surplus (if you don’t have your Evasive Maneuvers up again) to reduce your flight time. If you have a Gravity Well, you should use it to pull the spheres together. A science captain should scan the spheres to debuff them. It’s also recommended to use your Refracting Tetryon Cascade against that spawn.

After the spheres are destroyed, use Evasive Maneuvers to fly to the right side.

Right side:

Positioning and ability using are the same like on the left side.

And thanks to all “All Hands on Deck (AHOD)”, so that you can also use abilities with long cooldown, like Attack Pattern Alpha.

Tactical Cube + Gateway + Spheres:

After the right side is finished, you can fly towards the second spawn of spheres and use things like GW again. If you couldn’t use your Refracting Tetryon Cascade on the first spawn use it now. If a sensor scan of science Captain is up again, use it on this spheres, too. If the Sensor Scan is not ready yet, save it for the Tactical Cube.

Ships with Battlecloak can cloak for a short duration before engaging the spheres to get another ambush.

You can position yourself between the gate and the cube. It’s a good time to use your Bio-Molecular Shield Generator.

Warbirds are having another nice advantage in this stage: Warpshadows. They will taunt the enemy and tank everything for you.

In this stage you can use all your offensiv abilities again. Use things like Fire on my Mark and Sensor Analysis on the Tactical Cube.

When only the tactical cube is left, try to get into the flank of it to profit from the intelligence specialization. In the targetwindow is a small white arrow, indicating which side of the cube you are currently facing.


If you have any questions, let us know!



You can also watch this Video podcast for further information.

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  • whicky1978  says:

    I feel like a newb posting this but here is how uou can tell if you are flanking the rear of a targeted enemy. Notice the arrow at the bottom. I just learned this indicates which side of the enemy you are on. Never paid this close attention before. This is helpful in targeting cubes and the gate since you can’t tell which side is the rear 😆.


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