STO – Where No One Has Gone Before

Where No One Has Gone Before – To infinity and beyond.

3 comments to STO – Where No One Has Gone Before

  • @bugulnoz  says:

    my head feels like that poor little entity watching that vid. is it still achievable in 14.5?

    • felisean  says:

      most likely yes. basically we removed a lot of stuff (procs (dmg buffs) and stuff like that) for that run bc it lagged horribly during that time and lags prevent you from doing it propperly ^^

      main problem might be to get enough people willing to do this stuff and do several tries that everyone get the timings and stuff like that ^^

  • aka  says:

    yeah it should work, i noticed sometimes when cca takes too much dmg, it doesnt start at 66-33 but is left with 59% or so as it starts its immunity, so yeah aslong as the timing is good like in the vid its still on.

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