STO – Chronos Class Dreadnought – ISA 130k

Hello everyone guys!

Here is a random run from DPS channels where i got this good result on my new toon.

The ship is a Chronos Class Dreadnought on a new toon, still to finish (the build will be posted soon)

Have fun!

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4 comments to STO – Chronos Class Dreadnought – ISA 130k

  • whicky1978  says:

    👍 Nice Probaly made possible with 3 man team That had to be about half the teams DPS.

    • Nandos  says:

      Yup, one out of team and one left for some reason (i just realized after upload the video at that moment lol), but it was ok anyway 😀 Indeed! Now the build switched to antiprotons and finally got the intelligence fleet skill. It’s still growing 🙂

  • chris  says:

    mind posting a pic of the power transfer rate and what you using to make it happen?

  • felisean  says:

    You might ask nando ingame but as far as i know he’s using a build quite equal to the suggestion we have here on this page.

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