Let’s Play – Elite Ground Queues

Hi guys o/

I’m glad to show you this new series about ground queues brought to you by CSI, Set Sail 4 Fail Armada, Subcomms and DPS channels in general. It will contain the most popular ones and will bring different builds, mostly tacticals, but i will try to involve more than i can.

Let’s start with BHE, DRSE, NTTE and BOTSE. Coming soon NSDTE and MINE with fleetmates. Also, Borg tours, less played queues (aka UIE or The Big Dig) and lot more, like a compilation of ground queues coming from popular players of DPS channels.

Stay tuned on this playlist and remember to check new videos during the next weeks!


Feel free to ask anything here or on the videos and we’ll try to do our best to help you.


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