Before the T6-Scimitars arrived, the T5U-Scimitar was for a long time the highest DPS-ship in-game. Check our build suggestions out. One (expensive) high end build and one low budget build.

High end: Scimitar Dreadnought Warbird
Low budget: Cheap Scimitar

Look here for some record runs, done with Scimitars!


2 comments to Scimitar

  • Ragnar  says:

    Thank you for sharing this great build.
    One question regarding the skill choice: Are you able to get a gdf even without spending anything into SIF and Resistance and without dying? Especially, if you’re in the center of the cube. I mean, you lose about 16k hull.

    • holofrog  says:

      All resistance points are removed, because of the weekly T3 projects from the research lab. Which gives you +20% All Damage and +40 Damage Resistance Rating.
      In system space, I am at 59649 hull (without bioneural infusion) and 41,1% kinetic resist.
      After the warpcore breach, I should be at -2196 hull, but I get 6077 temporary hitpoints from attack pattern expertise, which means, that I’m at 3881 hull.
      Anyways I’m trying for a 0% GDF with Invincible as 5th starhiptrait.

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