Random Task Force Operations

Hey folks, Peter here.

With the release of Age of Discovery Cryptic introduced new Random Task Force Operations enabling us to tend to public, random PvE matches in normal or advanced difficulties.

Instead of teaming and lining up for this the old fashion way the game also offers the choice to organize semi-private groups consisting of up to four players which can then be joined for the same public match.  For the first time in the history of STO even mixed factional groups are allowed to be assembled without the need for a full five player arrangement. Simply bring up the private PvE tab, select invitation mode and then invite one, two or three players. After that select Join Random in the general PvE section and your entire group will be in for the same map. After the respective match you will even find your semi-private group to be intact for the next run.

I would like to invite everybody to make use of this new system within the DPS channels so the following new short forms are introduced:

– lfm RTFO A (looking for more: Random Task Force Operations advanced difficulty)

– lfm RTFO N (looking for more: Random Task Force Operations normal difficulty)

Since we look at a public match here one way or the other feel free to assemble those semi-private groups either out of DPS channels exclusively or use them to strengthen your ranks when playing with your friends or fleet mates.

Players of the DPS channels should note that unlike the quality matches you are used to by going full private over a discrete channel you have no idea what you sign up for this time. In my level of experience this should not be as big of a problem as a single gold player or two silver players for example should already be suffice to overcome all DPS checks and turn every advanced match for the good. The additional rewards we can earn here are nothing to sneeze at and most DPSer I know enjoy a good challenge every now and then.  

In any case please do not DPS name and shame if such a match turns out unexpected. Instead embreace this great opportunity to spread the core values of our league, which is to help and motivate others, to the public. If you happen to end up in ISA feel free to use the CLR to parse your runs and upload them. Even though this may not be the perfect situation for record runs you will help to widen our database and, if they are qualified, bring entirely new players to the DPS league.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to see you all in RTFO.

– Peter

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