NTTE and BHE Ground League

Hello everyone,

with todays patch from STO and the massive changes to Ground Captain Abilities, the Admin Team decided to reset all existing Ground League tables for NTTE and BHE.
But your current records are not lost, we will create a Hall of Fame like we have for ISA to show the old records. This should happen during the next days.

In Addition, we will change the ground builds published here soon after we tested the patch a bit.

We wish everyone a lot of fun adapting to the latest changes and  hunting new Records.

Your STO-League Admin Team


2 comments to NTTE and BHE Ground League

  • LEGION  says:

    Hi, looking forward for your opinion! =)

    • felisean  says:


      seems not to change that much. Basically you want Kitreadiness (and equal traits) now to reduce your cooldowns 🙂

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