New Seasonal Table

Hello everyone,

with the start of victory is life we introduce a new seasonal table for isa, the ISA ViL table. All your old records from Season 14 are still there, but there will be no upload into this league anymore.
Based on requests, we added a new HSE ViL, enjoy guys 🙂

In addition, we will publish a clr upgrade after we added a few things from victory is life.


your sto-league admin team

7 comments to New Seasonal Table

  • wuascht  says:

    hi, noticed my latest ISA record is listed as TAC on VIL Table, but this char is Rom Eng.
    Does the parser not recognize all factions?, ive seen that on my fed sci too last season

    • Hellspawny  says:

      You need to use a career specific ability like miracle worker etc. to get registered as an Eng. Same happened to my No Need for a Tank who’s also an Eng not a Tac.

  • wuascht  says:

    char name is Tasha@wuascht btw

    • felisean  says:

      as long as you do not use rotate shield frequency or miracle worker you wont be registered as a eng, since we cant say that you’re actually an eng.

  • wuascht  says:

    oh, lol, well i didnt need it, want to add me as friend?, on friend list carreer is visible

  • wuascht  says:

    or do i have to do it again?:D

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