New seasonal ISA-DPS-Table

Hello community,

with Star Trek Online’s Season 11.5 we’re introducing seasonal DPS-League-Tables for ISA.
We’re also keeping an overall table, because of that you are not going to lose your personal record every season.

A little example: A player does his personal record of 80k DPS in season 11.5. This record will be saved on the overall and seasonal table.
After the seasonal table got resetted and he’s doing 75k DPS this will be saved on the current seasonal table but not on the overall table, because his overall record is higher.

We hope that you are going to have fun with our seasonal tables.

Your DPS-League Admin Team

2 comments to New seasonal ISA-DPS-Table

  • whicky1978  says:

    Where can I access the table outside of CLR?

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