New CombatLogReader Release

A new version of our CLR was release, below the Changelog:


– Subspace Rupture is now affected by the “Pets to Abilities” setting
– Subspace Vortex is now affected by the “Pets to Abilities” setting
– Bio-Molecular Shield Generator is now affected by the “Pets to Abilities” setting
– Fixed an issue, where an ability sometimes appeared twice in the lists or shield damage was separated from hull damage
– This happened especially when shield and hull damage were not dealt within the same moment, but a tenth of a second apart
– This should not be possible according to common sense, but apparently it happens
– Abilities which were bound to semi-pet entities like heavy torpedos or mines got their listed names reversed
– Instead of “Mine Explosion – Quantum Mine” it says “Quantum Mine – Mine Explosion”
– This should be more intuitive and clear because the first part is usually the name of the actual in-game ability or weapon
– DPS-League: Refresh should no longer fail after the league was unavailable
– I apology for the downtimes of the League during the last days. We encountered a series of serious attacks on the server and are working on a solution.
– A small number of players might have experienced problems with the upload function since the last update. These should be fixed, too.

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