New CombatLogReader Release

A new version of our CLR was released, below the Changelog:

– All columns for base damage per seconds have been renamed to “BaseDps” resp. “EncBaseDPS” instead of just “Dps”/”EncDps” to make them more unambiguously
– Fixed an issue where the graphic windows failed to show the whole combat if the encounter started before midnight and ended on the following day.
– The Rally Point Marker is now affected by the Pets to Abilities setting and listed as heal when that option is enabled
– The upcoming PVE queues “Assault on Terok Nor” and “Counterpoint” will be identified
– Moving the “Minutes between Combat” slider while reloading the logfile should no longer cause errors
– Renamed the “Export” button to “Exp. Tabl” to make its function more clear
– Fixed an issue that made it impossible to load speed records for BHE, DRSE AND HSE
– Fixed an issue, where science players were not correctly identified during upload

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