New CLR Version V1.4.0.4

Hello everyone,
here are the patchnotes for our latest CLR Version. Uploads to the tables are enabled again. (14.10.2018)

  • Added detection for Hur’q Swarmer (Hive Defense Personal Trait)
    •  All uploads containing these Swarmers are currently NOT allowed due to their enormous amounts of damage vs several enemies.
    •  This apply to ISA and HSE uploads.
  •  Added Detection for Defense of Starbase One


Feel free to inform us about bugs found below this post, ingame or in our discord!

4 comments to New CLR Version V1.4.0.4

  • Pepperman  says:

    Not sure I can call it a bug, but as of today I noticed strange behavior when trying to launch CLR. On one occasion, the program attempted to start (i.e., the hour class spins) but nothing happens. Went to task manager to see what might be happening but couldn’t open task manager. Moments later screen went blank and computer locked up. Second occasion, the program attempted to start but nothing happens. Task manager was once again locked out or unable to open. Windows 7 64 bit machine. Had been using this version every day with no problems until today. It appears to be repeatable.

    • felisean  says:

      thats totaly strange bc the last update we did was some like 2 weeks ago. did you updated your java version or something like that?

      and are you using the java version or the exe version?

  • Pepperman  says:

    I haven’t made any config changes in a while. I am using the exe version. Weird indeed as a have been using it without issue but today not so good. I have uninstalled it atm, but we try a reinstalling it again a bit later.

    • felisean  says:

      search for the uninstall and remove it with that. you might wanna talk with tirus and/or me directly via discord or ingame 🙂

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