Happy New Year!

We wish everyone a Happy New Year and all the best for the next year. We hope that everyone survived the partys without too much damage  😀
May all your dreams for the next year become true!

On a successful new Year!


Your DPS-League Admin Team

4 comments to Happy New Year!

  • Mark  says:

    Hi all, we had a ton of DPS related high scores in the old STO Combat Meter, including DPSMark, that have now vanished–that’s a lot of hard work gone. Is there any way to import them into the new STO-CombatLogReader? Also, any way to get CCA and DPSMark into CombatLogReader?

    Thanks much for all your efforts in keeping the lights on,


    • Hellspawny  says:

      the numbers channels seems to have a problem with the SCM database. I’m confident that they will solve it soon.

      We don’t have CCA in our League Table because we managed to get infinite DPS in that mission. After testing the DPSMark foundry we came to the conclusion that it favors certain kinds of ships and thus leads to an unfair advantage of i.e. warbirds. Also the choice of enemies is not optimal. We actually have a slightly more challenging foundry called damagetest by our legendary Ezri_Carter. Play it on Elite…

  • Mark  says:

    Thanks for the quick and informative response.

    That wouldn’t be a pseudonym for Ezri Ryan would it? I will give damagetest a try!

    I have seen videos of CCA infinity with Ezri Ryan and everyone attacking at once with the similar weaponry…

    • Mark  says:

      Klingon foundry version of damage test would nice…

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