Guest Blog: PvP tournament NoBs V


This time we are having a guest blog about a PvP tournament, which sounds quite interesting. Hopefully some of you guys will think that too and participate.

As a note: That tournament is not organized or hosted by the DPS-League. Responsible for that is @captainhunter05.


Your DPS-League Admin Team


Hello PvP community!

It has been silent for a long time around the topic of STO-PvP-tournaments, but now the time has come for a great last PvP-tournament of a different kind – the NoBs V.

Everyone is allowed to participate in this tournament!

You sign in for it as a singleplayer and after the deadline is over, all participants will be distributed into fair teams with experienced players, because of that there won’t be a team which will be known as a winner before the tournament has started.

First of all the rules which make it even possible for  people, who doesn’t have a lot of ressources, to participate.


  1. Only T5U fleet or Z-store ships (no event, lobi or lockbox ships, also consoles from T6, event, lobi or lockbox ships are not allowed to be used on the allowed ships),
  2. Only MK XII very rare equipment is allowed (fleet equipment is allowed, except tactical consoles from fleet spire),
  3. All Equipment is banned that came into the game after Delta Rising (Mission rewards, Research Lab Consols, Secundary Deflectors and Weapons like Coalition),
  4. Krenim Boffs are not allowed,
  5. No items from R&D are allowed (crafted weapons are allowed, as long as they don’t have crafting modifiers like pen),
  6. Lobi equipment is not allowed,
  7. Only reputation equipment is allowed from before Delta Rising,
  8. No personal and space reputation traits are allowed which came into the game with the R&D-revamp or after that,
  9. Starship traits aren’t allowed,
  10. All Doffs, which came with the release of Delta Rising, aren’t allowed,
  11. Specializations aren’t allowed (they can be disabled for space),
  12. Only bridge officer skills are allowed, which were available before Delta Rising,
  13. A maximum of three captains of the same career are allowed to fly together,
  14. A maximum of two ships with battle cloak are allowed per team,
  15. The console Fluidic Phase Decoupler is not allowed,
  16. A maximum of one AMS and one blackhole per team is allowed,
  17. A maximim of two aceton assimilators per team is allowed,
  18. No Scramble Sensors with duty officer,
  19. Console swapping to reduce a cooldown is not allowed,
  20. The Doff Emergency Conn Hologram is not allowed,
  21. Every participant’s gateway must be open at the day of the tournament.



  • You can sign in until 21st March 2016 in below this post or in this thread on the forums.
  • For the registration, I need to know your @handle and with which career you want to participate (Sci, Eng, Tac), furthermore I need to know, if you are a pro, experienced or a beginner and if you are able to lead a team / to be a caller.
    • For example: @captainhunter05, Sci/Eng/Tac, able to lead a team / to call
  • On 21st March 2016 all particpants will be distributed into fair teams.
  • These teams have time until 1st April 2016 to prepare theirself under the rules for the tournament (for example: a team can play against an other team during the training period. Because of doing that, you’ll bring yourself and your team 100% prepared into the tournament).
  • The tournament is determined on 2nd April 2016 (Saturday), probably with a livestream/youtube and moderators.
  • Furthermore there will be a teamspeak server which will be used for training and for the tournament itself (because of that all participants should have teamspeak).
  • We hope that as much people as possible will sign in.

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