Giveaway for Playstation 4

Hello everyone!


today you all have the chance to win one faction bundle (fed or kdf or rom) for Playstation 4.
You could see whats in there here! (For german version of the list click here.)
We thank @eragon1392 to give us the chance for this giveaway.

To participate you only need to write your @handle down here! If your name is John@Doe, your @handle would be @Doe.
You have time till 9/30/2016 10pm UTC to participate.

The winner draw will be on 10/1/2016 6 pm UTC.

Good luck everyone!



Not allowed to participate are members of the DPS-League Adminteam.
No cash disbursement is possible, recourse to the courts is not permitted.
The Winner could be found here.

27 comments to Giveaway for Playstation 4

  • Joel Mortley  says:


  • Joel Mortley  says:

    Handle: @Irokageoni_CC

    • Joel Mortley  says:

      Apologies for the double comment. I wasn’t sure if my comment went through the first time and refreshed the page a couple of times.

      • felisean  says:

        Dont worry, the posts are not showed directly 🙂

  • Harry Williams  says:

    @ZOREhj is my handle

  • Nils Bettermann  says:


    Good Lucky all

  • Dan Lawrie  says:

    Handle: @Aussie_Edge

  • Ronny  says:


  • ShadowMan  says:

    Handle: @xShadowMan_

  • Benji  says:

    Handle: @Dragunout1981

    good luck guys

  • Jacob Wilson  says:

    Dejaykoe@JMW58 is this what you guys want for the handle. But my name is @Wilson

    • felisean  says:

      your ingame @handle, so i guess the @JMW58 should be the correct one 🙂

  • Telnano  says:

    Handle on PS: @d4rky4ps

  • James Sanders  says:


  • MS  says:

    PS4 Handle @Chtullu

  • Dags  says:

    PS4 handle @Daglow187

  • Troyin  says:

    PS4: @Asklo_Burwani

  • Ett Rayner  says:

    PS4 handle is @Blaster_Kid80

  • Sebastian Schaefer  says:

    PS4-Handle: @sebs1806

  • Rene  says:

    PS4-Handle: @RamboRene

  • Eric Rios  says:


  • Michael Henderson  says:

    ps4-handle: @SonOfPerdition

  • Stefan  says:

    ps4-handle: @macterror81

  • Balázs  says:


  • Manuel Meisinger  says:

    PS4-Handle: @Viborian

  • felisean  says:

    The time to participate is over!
    We will announce the winner tomorrow!

  • Giovanni  says:


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