End of RoD and new seasonal table

Hello everyone,

with the changes to the Borg STFs we will introduce a new seasonal table for ISA and HSE, the ISA BR and HSE BR table. All your old records from ISA S15 and HSE S15 are still there, but it will no longer be possible to upload to this league-table anymore.
Uploads to the new table are possible from tomorrow (January 08 2020).

In addition, we might add a new table for ISE, but we need some testing for that map first.

If there are any problems with the upload and downloads,  please comment below or contact us via discord or ingame.



your sto-league admin team

5 comments to End of RoD and new seasonal table

  • Kevin  says:

    Since two days i can no longer upload my ISA Logs. But it always tells my “This combat does not meet the requirements of ISA” (I changed nothing in my settings)

    I tried selecting the DPS-Channel setting again and even reinstalled the reader.

    Please send help 🙁

    my @handel ist @kevinheinz98

    and I joind the STO-League Discord as LightningBolt#2496

    also I am german, but i can try speaking english.

    • Hellspawny  says:

      This sounds like you were in a group with players below level 65. ISA scales with the players’ level, i.e. the NPCs have fewer hitpoints. We use certain thresholds in CLR to detect such logs.

      I’d suggest you’d better use the DPS channels for team building. It’s kind of a gamble if you don’t play with a premade team.

      • Kevin  says:

        It worked


  • Kevin  says:

    OK I Will try it next time

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