End of ISA Season 11.5 and upcoming changes

With the upcoming update on 2016/25/10 our season (ISA 11.5) will end and the table will be closed.
We thank everyone for taking part and hope that everyone had fun participating.
From 2016/26/10 onwards it will be possible to upload results to the new seasonal table for our next season.
Your results from the main table won’t be touched and you can upload any ISA run to the new table. Good luck to everyone!

Other changes will effect the league channels directly.

Due to the massive increase of power we’ve seen in sto over the past few years and with the idea that the channels should be a challenge to achive, we felt there should be a change. The admin team talked with several people and as based on outcome of these interviews we will be increasing the requirements for the entry into the channels. This change will only affect the channels DPS-Silver, DPS-Gold, DPS-Diamond. DPS-Bronze will remain untouched.

This change only affects new applications! You will not see any change in your current available channels. NO one already in the channels will be removed!

We will announce the new requirements and other exciting news the next days. Stay tuned!

Your DPS-League Team

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