DPS 30/30-Challenge – Winners

Hello everyone,

the winners of the DPS 30/30-Challenge have been determined in a livestream.

Here is the recording of that:

Here is a list of all winners and what they have won:

1)[Special Requisition Pack – Krenim Annorax Science Dreadnought [T6]]


2) [Special Requisition Choice Pack – Elachi Sheshar Dreadnought Cruiser]


3) [Genetic Resequencer – Space Trait: Inspirational Leader]


4) [Special Requisition Pack – Hazari Destroyer [T6]]


5) [Special Requisition Pack – Vaadwaur Astika Heavy Battlecruiser [T6]]


6) [Special Requisition Pack – Tholian Recluse Carrier]


7) [Genetic Resequencer – Space Trait: Fluidic Coccoon]


8) [Console Pack – Ionized Gas Sensor / Plasmonic Leech]


9) [Zemok Jenro] (FED)


10) [Genetic Resequencer – Space Trait: Intense Focus]


11) [Graga Mal] (FED)


12) [Starship Trait: Attack Pattern Delta Prime]


13) 10x [Master Key]


14) 10x [Research & Development Pack]


15) (very rare) Energy Weapons Officer – [Space] Chance for stacking Crit Chance buff on firing Energy Weapons (FED)


16) [Genetic Resequencer – Space Trait: Helmsman]


17) 100x [Superior Beam Weapons Tech Upgrade]


18) [Genetic Resequencer – Space Trait: Anchored]


19) [Genetic Resequencer – Space Trait: Positive Feedback Loop]


20) [Genetic Resequencer – Ground Trait: Vicious]



Congratulations to all winners. And thanks to all people who have participated.

2 comments to DPS 30/30-Challenge – Winners

  • benan81  says:

    Thank You very much Holo and everyone who was also involved!
    Never expected to win something… just wanted to take the challenge for finaly beating the 30k, what i haven’t try for a to long time ^^
    So thank you very much! It was fun to do the chalenge! And special thanks to Miwi and Luther for flying with me 🙂

  • pat2panik  says:

    Hey just want to said you,many thanks To the dps league team’s for this Event !

    Long life to the DPS league ..


    -Eclipse (French flee)-

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