Combatlogreader update

Greetings everyone!

We’re proud to announce a new  Combatlogreader update!
Here are the patchnotes for version : 

  • Combat time: Many players complained, that the combat time could be extended by late-hitting borg torpedos or other stuff, which made it harder than intended to pass the 94% rule for ISA uploads.
    • To resolve this issue and prevent further complications the combat time calculation was simplified:
      • Combat time now ends with the last hit from any player (including player pets). NPC hits no longer extend the combat time.
      • This should include all kind of plasma burn, even if it is assigned to the “Unknown Entity” (since the original source already exploded)
      • You can still choose, whether or not Warp Core Breaches should be able to extend the combat time in the Advanced Settings, but it will only count for player Core Breaches
      • To give players a better overview about the differences between fight time (first hit to last player hit) and the overall encounter time (all hits, DOTs and heal), a new value has been added to the text field for combats
      • This value is named “Log-Time” to indicate that it includes everything inside the log file, but isn’t relevant for DPS calculation or upload restrictions
  • Fixes an issue in the copy function where key words within player names were replaced by the corresponding values
    • Like the ‘acc’ in ‘Paccio’ which was replaced by the player’s accuracy. Sorry Paccio 😉
  • The following missions will be identified:         
    • Days of Doom
    • Battle of Procyon 5
    • Miner Instabilities

If there are any problems, let us know!

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