CombatlogReader Update 07/29/2018

Hello Everyone!

We just published a new CLR Update and here are the latest changes:


    • Added the possibility to upload parses directly instead of adding a link to the logfile
      • For this function, we work together with Uploaded Logfile will be stored on that site and are available for download. We would like to thank our friend Danfai for this service!
      • The Link to the Logfile will be automatically added to the comment from that combat.
    • Added detection for Hurq Swarmers (Phased-Waveform Beacon from episode home)
      • Β All uploads containing these Swarmers are currently NOT permitted due to their enormous amounts of damage vs several enemies.
      • This applies to ISA and HSE uploads.
    • Improved profession detection for the German clients
    • Added map detection for several queues:
      • Dranuur Gauntlet
      • Dranuur Beach Assault
      • Swarm
      • Gamma Quadrant Space Battlezone Queues:
        • Hur’q Final Assault
        • Break the Circle
        • Planetary Assault
        • Sinister Gathering
    • Modified detection of too much damage against the Gateways and Transformers in ISA
    • Resolved exception caused by pets being owner

    Feel free to inform us about bugs found below this post, ingame or in our discord!

10 comments to CombatlogReader Update 07/29/2018

  • Shmendrick  says:

    What is the Change to Gate and Trasformer?^^

    • Shmendrick  says:


    • felisean  says:

      the same it was during the beta πŸ™‚

  • Gilgalad195  says:

    Hey guys, I just ran in ISA parse using the DPS channel settings, but it won’t let me upload. It says the combat doesn’t qualify. What’s going on?

    • felisean  says:


      tried to reload the log? If that doesnt work, please upload the file to dropbox as example and send me the link (ingame @felisean or via discord) and i’ll have a look πŸ™‚

  • wuascht  says:

    so its not needed to add the log file anymore above 160K?
    Not sure if my upload worked anyway, had some issue, it said too long for some reason when
    i added the dropbox link

    • felisean  says:

      yes its not needed anymore when you use the implemented upload function πŸ™‚

  • wuascht  says:


  • Frankistargazer  says:

    Hello, This version crashes for me and can only used 1402. I have windows 10 and previous versions worked well. I tried uploading my present scores but would not led me. Anybody know of a workaround. I need access to the DPS Channel ‘DPS-Bronze’ Thank you!

    • felisean  says:


      you should delete/uninstall (search for uninstallcombatlogreader) and download it again.
      if the update process doesnt work, check the sub folder. in that folder should be a new one named update or so. delete that one and it should work after that.

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